1150 Eritreans entered into Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, August 2, 2007 (Addis Ababa) - Some 1150 Eritreans, who were suffering at the hands of the Eritrean dictatorial regime, recently entered into Ethiopia via the Mereb and Egela area, officials said.

Eritrean refugee coordinator in Rama area, Negussie Teklu and Security and Administrative Affairs Head of the Aferom Woreda Administration, Colonel Berhie Adhanne told ENA some 300 soldiers, 80 civil servants, and 745 youth, farmers, and businesspersons of that country crossed into Ethiopia since the beginning of the current month.

The Eritreans, who could not live in their country due to the dictatorial regime, fled into Ethiopia since the Eritrean regime continued forcing citizens to join military training centers.

Two of the refugees namely; Te`ebe Gebremedhin and Yodit Teferi, who fled with five minors, were forced to come to Ethiopia since the Eritrean regime threatened to fine them 50,000 Nakfa each due to their husbands that fled their country earlier.


1150 Eritreans entered into Ethiopia
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