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Members of 19th round National Service Program graduate
By Staff
Dec 9, 2006, 17:15

Kiloma, 9 December 2006 As part of the Southern Red Sea region Week, members of the 19th round National Service Program graduated in Kiloma and took oath.

Through the Live TV and radio satellite transmission, different programs were staged highlighting the skills the graduates have acquired and the Commander of Operation Zone 4, Maj. General Haile Samuel, gave briefings on the activities undertaken. He stated that the graduates have taken 26-week military and political training and commended them and their trainers for their resilience.

In a speech he delivered at the graduation ceremony representing the Commander-in-Chief of the Eritrean Defense Force President Isaias Afwerki, the Minister of Defense, General Sebhat Ephrem, congratulated the graduates and said that the timing is of vital importance. He further noted that the purpose of national service is to nurture qualified citizens.

Different military and sports activities were staged on the occasion and the ones who demonstrated excellence received prizes from Army commanders and PFDJ heads.

Present at the graduation ceremony were Army commanders, regional administrators, PFDJ heads, religious leaders and thousands of parents of the 19th batch graduates.

Kiloma is located 40km south-east of Assab town.

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