Human Trafficking: a desperate appeal from the Sinai


Written by EveryOne Group

Rome, January 2nd, 2011. The New Year starts with a desperate plea that Everyone Group is passing on to the United Nations, the institutions of the European Union, the Egyptian authorities and the Palestinian territories (where the leaders of the trafficking in human beings and organs reside). A group of young hostages has launched a tragic appeal for help from northern Sinai, near the Israeli border. "We have been beaten, tortured, humiliated in the most atrocious fashion. We have now received an ultimatum from our persecutors: if our families do not pay $ 33,000 per head within 24 hours, we will be sold to clandestine clinics that traffic in human organs. We are calling on the civilized countries, religious people who abhor these atrocities, the United Nations and the European Union not to abandon us. If we had been Europeans or Americans, would you have left us in this terrible condition? We are young men and women who have fled from a country that persecuted us.

Help us, in the name of God and humanity.

Samuel, Oktubal, Nathaniel, Filmon, Ermias,Tesfit, Ephrem, Mussie, Frwi Mussie, Yohannes, Amanuel, Awet, Kiru"