Mohamed ali Sheib (February 28, 2004) Alnahda, Khartoum, Sudan

In an exclusive interview to Alnahda Magazine, Mr. Adhanoum Gebermariam confirmed that the regime’s out-dated mentality, which led to the current complicated and spiky circumstances in our country, seems to entertain some opposition figures’ thinking. As a result of that unconscious and old-fashioned mentality, he added, the PFDJ regime was able to establish a strong base of followers who comply with the dictatorial aspirations, demands, and carry out its instructions. And by resorting to these tricks, the regime’s president was able to defy our people’s rightful demands for social justice and rule of law.

We were forced to leave Eritrea that we could conceivably materialize our people’s aspirations in expressing honestly and sincerely to change the current situation. Arising of this principle, we established the Democratic Party (DP) that comes as an expression of our Martyrs aspirations for the prevalence of justice in all quarters of our country.

To make our voice heard, we in fact began our activities with utmost determination. Our party was able to create a strong foundation and expand to wider horizons. In coordination with other national forces, our struggle has contributed in exposing the regime, and refuted its plans and aims. We wished and aspired to avoid repeating the painful past, which was exercised by some old-fashioned leadership figures during the armed struggle era particularly the dictatorial regime president in Asmara who employed our people’s accomplishments for his own aims through limiting our people’s freedoms, and ruling the country by using middle age regulations. Therefore, when we launch the DP, we were optimistic that we passed the painful past obstacles, but we noticed that the same shadow elements that were directing Issayas during the armed struggle era is emerging again to influence the DP and impose their hidden agendas in order to serve their wishes. They are trying to direct, sway and craft scenarios to configure the Eritrean opposition according to their whims. We tried to cure these matters with an open mind, but unfortunately, we failed to curb their whims. They are seeking to disperse the unity of the opposition for the benefit of the PFDJ domination in Eritrea.

In a last minute attempt to remedy the matter, I took part in the conference in Germany, which was held at those hidden elements’ directives without adequate preparations.

In fact, those who endured the work load were only three individuals: Ms. Hibret, General Mesfin Hagos and I. Each of us was working on his his/her way for the common good. The absence of coordination within the party’s provisional leadership led to the collapse of the team spirit among us. For these reasons, Ambassador Hebert resigned and departed the party. I decided to declare my withdrawal when my last minute effort to mend the situation through participating in the conference has failed. This, however, does not mean I will abandon my struggle against the PFDJ regime to rid my people of its oppression. I will also work with all Eritrean compatriots to achieve that objective.


source AL NAHDA