Eritrea: An opponent unhappy
Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1175 01/04/2006

The secretary general of the Eritrean Congress Party criticises the way the Eritrean Democratic Alliance intends to manage the aid from friendly countries.

The Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA, opposition) was created at the beginning of last year under the aegis of Sudan, Ethiopia and Yemen brought together in the Sanaa Forum for Peace, and receives aid from certain countries in the Horn of Africa which it has no intention of sharing with other Eritrean opposition groups. This is the gist of the reproach just made by Herui Tedla Bairu, the Secretary General of the Eritrean Congress Party (ECP, opposition, not a member of the EDA). An EDA leader, Hussein Khalifa, confirmed to him that the aid from the Sanaa Forum to the Eritrean opposition was only intended for organisations members of the EDA. Herui T. Bairu considered that the Sana Forum was overstepping its prerogatives in trying to favour one opposition current rather than another. This comes down to admitting that the countries in the region want the EDA exclusively to accede to power in Asmara.