09 November

Why Demolishing the Sole University in Eritrea?
The University of Asmara (UOA) was established in 1958 as the ‘Holy Family’ University Institute by the Missionary Congregation (Comboni Sisters). The UOA has been the sole higher education available but has done an enormous job. It has trained and graduated a number of Eritreans and was able be recognized by the UNESCO.

The UOA has been a stepping-stone in the progress of the nation. Till 2002 a number of people have benefited and reached in a very high level. However, the PFDJ’S elite and their handful supporters had hidden agenda for which no single Eritrean has expected. That is the demolishing of our sole Uni. It is like making someone blind.

Looking back in their past history, even when they were in the field before independence they had a great deal of hatred in an educated person. They were torturing and killing a number of well-known intellectuals. There is a recent history also about the torturing of the University of Asmara students when they refuse to work in the summer campaign. There were students who even lost their lives. Although the practical demolishing of the UOA seems to have started on the year 2003 when it had stopped receiving fresh students, it had been planned long time ago. Surprisingly, no one could answer the questions why, what happen and what other alternative do we have in making the Eritrean people blind.

The Head of the state is a symbolic chancellor of the University. However, he has only visited the university once. Even the then president of the university (Dr. Woldeab) said during his visit to the UOA “Hope this will not be your first and last visit”. At the time of his visit he said the contribution of the UOA is under question mark? He meant that the University has done nothing. This has reminded me that when the President of the country visited students in South Africa he said “Globalization is equalization” so the country can get any expert from India or Pakistan . We don’t care about your education whether you come home or not. Instead he was supposed to motivate and praise the achievement made by the students. This is in line with their principle and hatred on intellectual that has started long before independence.

Now last August all the academic staff members of the University have been told that there is the so called restructuring of the University and they went on to say that they have established different colleges in different Zoba’s (regions). A number of questions was raised during the meeting with the Ministry of Education but none has been answered to date rather on mid October all the academic staff have received a letter that tells the place of work and are told that they need to report to the Mai-Nefhi College Colonel. Had the aim was the true establishment of the colleges that would have been nice if it was done with the consultation of the academic staff but none had any idea on that? But the following question should be answered. Is it a must to destroy the UOA in order to establish the colleges? Any person can answer the question.

Surprisingly no research or preparation has been made to establish the colleges. Now we know that there are 6 colleges but none is existent. For example, let’s consider College of Business and Economics that was supposed to be stationed at Massawa as per their order. However, till now even the building is not yet built. So you can imagine how messy the ambition is. Let us see also the existing 3 years old Eritrean Institute of Science and Technology ( Mai-Nefhi College ) it is a military training camp rather than a college. A friend of mine went to the so-called Mail Nefhi College (M-College) and he could not explain to me how sorry he was. The college is led by a Colonel who haven’t been to any college before. The students are in their military grouping and are guarded by military personnel. It is really a pity! Have any one ever seen or heard any college that has such a thing. I don’t think so! In short it is a military camp like that of Sawa.

The other funny thing that I want to tell is about the available departments at M-College. There is Aerospace engineering- very ambitious and has no practical advantage in Eritrea . The UOA with an experience of 50 years had no such departments.

These are some of the things that are happening by the current regime God willing I will write more next time. May God bring peace, stability and progress to our nation, death and failure for the regime?

Wedi Alla Kab Asmera.
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መንሽሮ( ካ wrote:
ቦሮምበራስ................. ...................

.....ኣቦኻ ' ሲ ጸሎት'ዶ እገብሩ ነይሮም ?
......እወ....... ባዓል ጸሎት'ዩ ነይሩ ።

ካብ እሾኽ ምድሪ-ቤት፡
ካብ ተማህ ጎረቤት
ካብ ቆልዓ መሕንጋር
ካብ ሩባ ምስጋር ኣድሕነና........እንዳበለ' ዩ ዝጽሊ ዝነበረ ።

ቦሮምበራስ ዓርከይ.......

እቲ ኣሾኽ ምድሪቤት ማለት 'ኳ ፡ ኢሰያስ ማለት 'ዩ ።
እቲ ተማህ ጎረቤት ካኣ ፡ እዚ ትግራዋይ መለስ ' ዩ ።
ዋዕ !...ቆልዓ ምሕንጋርን ፡ ሩባ ምስጋርን ካኣ ፡ ስደት ማለት' ዩ ።

እዝጊ-ኣፍለጠኒ ሸቃ ዓርከይ ! ኣታ ' ዞም ቀዳሞት ወለድና ' ሲ......
ሰብ ዓበይቲ ልቢ ኢዮም ነይሮም !

እወ.... ካብ ምህሮ ኣእምሮ !
11/9/2006 6:42:22 PM
መንሽሮ( ካ wrote:

ኣስግነኒ ? ብምንታይ ?
ብሸኸት ሸኸት፡

እንታይ አለካ ባዓል ሸኸት ሸኸት ?
አድጊ ብላዕ ዝሓሰኸት !

አስግነኒ ? ብምንታይ ?
ብታኒካ ፡

እንታይ ኣለካ ባዓል ታኒካ ?
ከም ወዲ በራድ ፡ ኣኽቢሩ የሕስርካ !

እንታይ ገበርኩኻ ወደይ ! ከም ወዲ በራድ ተሕስረኒ ።
11/9/2006 5:45:25 PM
መንሽሮ( ካ wrote:
መንሽሮ( ካ wrote:

............. ..............

ጠል-ቅዮም .........ዘጠ-ልቅዩ
ካብ ዝጠ-ላቐዩ.....ከይጠል-ቀዩ

ተጠላቒዮም........ ንኸይጠላቐዩ
11/9/2006 4:46:45 PM
Mohamed wrote:
Oh my God !!!, I can't believe this !!
Now it seems they are planning to
take us to space !!

"There is Aerospace engineering- "

As usual the PFDJ is not ashamed of lies.
For them it's very normal to promise people Singapore while on agenda the have a North Korea type system.
They speak about colleges and human resources while in fact they are busy looking for young people to send to slave labor camps.
They say something while they plan the opposite, how smart they are !!
One thing they don't seem to have
realized yet, is that given the chance
people want take them to hell as soon as
11/9/2006 8:19:48 AM

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