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Life means different in the field of science and theology.

Scientists say life is cellular that is governed by its cellular system of reproduction. Theology says life is secret that only God knows.

Fact is an event information, or state of affairs existing, observed, or known to have happened, and which is confirmed or validated to such an extent that it is considered ‘reality, while principle is a rule, a law etc.


The Eritrean opposition is composed of political organizations, political parties, and movements. In the nineties they were less than ten, these days they are more than 50 and going. Is this helpful to get rid dictatorship? Let me leave it to the reader. They all brag they have life. I am using life here figuratively rather than literally.

These organizations form alliances, united fronts, and announce their charter, rule, of engagement etc. But do they follow it only when it suits them. Most of the time they resort to their whims, emotions and carelessness. Here is a vivid example which is burning issue currently.

Recently Kornelios Adolay Osman the leader of the Kunama political organization DMLEK wrote or  gave speech that clarifies Hamid Idris Awate is not hero ether of him or the Eritrean KUNAMAS.  In my opinion kornelios’s comment at this time is unnecessary, irresponsible and divisive, but we have to remember he has the right to decent. Facts:

*-- Kornelios did not support of the Eritrean armed struggle.

*-- Majority of the Eritrean Kunama were not in line with the Eritrean armed struggle if not against. Because ELF intervened in the Kunama  vs Benamer conflict.

*-- The Eritrean struggle at this time is to get rid of dictatorship, but not to believe in the armed struggle. Every Eritrean can have his/her own opinion. If we want to build statue of Awate in democratic Eritrea majority wins.

As participant of the armed struggle, Awate is my HERO and the leader and pioneer of the armed struggle, but is not to others and we have to live with that. We have to avoid emotions, but follow reason and logic and govern by facts and principles.

Many Eritrean opposition organization and individuals are and have been writing and having meetings calling Kornelios to apologize, to withdraw what he said etc. What is the fuss? I say Kornelios should stand firm because;

*- People are asking him to submit to their opinion as if he does not have the right to decent for the above reasons I gave and this is not democratic.

*- If kornelios apologies or writes a letter to the effect, he is saying I accept Awate as my hero that a mess will be created in DMLEK.

*- What about free speech? Kornelios did not defame Awate.

These days EDA and ENCDC (BYTO Awassa) have been holding meetings to resolve the conflicting or misunderstanding. To try to resolve conflict is good, but you have to use the right mechanism instead of whims and emotions. Both ended up suspending Kornelos and his organization as if they don’t have charters. Which article of the charters is breached by Kornelios if not they have to live with it. Tolerance is also a solution. Playing “the kittle calls the pot black” by some organizations is shameful because they all practice it.

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Glory to our martyrs.