Khartoum 06/15/2004: ELF vows to strengthen unity  and  keeps Abdalla Idris as Chairman ; passes resolutions that paves way for dialogue with non-alliance organizations .
ELF concluded the meetings of the second regular
session of the Central Council today June 15,2004. It gave the vote of confidence to the
current  committee.  Abdalla Idris Mohamed is still the
chairman, Hussein Khalifa, the first deputy chairman will be the de-acto leader of the organization. The second deputy is Hassan Ali Assad.  A very important resolution of the
meeting was the decision to hold effective and fruitful dialogue with opposition organizations outside the Alliance. This is expected to lead  constructive meetings with organization outside the Alliance, including the  ELF-RC and EDP. Unity of the organization was an important factor in the debates and the decisions. The executive committee will start meetings tonight, Khartoum time. The Council fixed a date for its congress within a year.