The ELF-NC completes its conference in Khartoum
By Alkalej Research and Studies-Center
Abdulhafiz Yassin Mohammed 25.06.2004


The sixth national conference of the Eritrean Liberation Front – National Congress, has completed its works yesterday evening by electing its legislative leadership of (31) principal members and (4) reserves in a free and fair atmosphere in which the participants of the conference were given the vote casting papers and the electorates have chosen their leadership with out any pressure of racial or ethnic belonging or allegiance but being driven by the mere capacity of the candidates to push forward the Eritrean struggle for democracy and justice.

The votes were sorted out at the presence of independent observers who have no relation to the organization but were invited to supervise the election process. The elected leadership, which included a new blood of youth, has come as following consecutively:

1. Dr. Sahle Tesfay
2. Ahmed Mohamed Nasser
3. Dr. Habte Tesfamariam
4. Abdella Hassan Ali
5. Hassan Eiman Bekhit
6. Dr.Beyane Kidane
7. Eyob Bisrat
8. Samuel Daniel
9. Romadan Saleh
10. Dr. Yusuf Berhanu
11. Abrham paulos
12. Dini Ismael
13. Osman Mohammed
14. Ahmed Shegray
15. Feshatzion Gebre
16. Mohammed Ahmed Jaber
17. Keflezghi Kidane
18. Mohammed Omer Yahya
19. Ogbazghi Debus
20. Nura Hussein
21. Osman Shum
22. Abdel Aziz Ahmed
23. Abraham Eyasu
24. Esmael Ali Ahmed
25. Saeed Abdella
26. Micheal Antonio
27. Mahmoud Mohammed Suleiman
28. Baira Sereqe
29. Abdella Saeed Idris
30. Berhana Goshu
31. Tesfu Berakhi
The names of the reserve members are:

Abdelwasse Mohammed Hassan
Lemlem Tsehaye
Gebrekidan Halefa

Thus, the conference has urged its elected leadership to conduct serious dialogues with other Eritrean political organizations of similar programs to reach an advanced understanding for a common work by integration having passed the level of coordination. The conference, more over, has called upon the International Community to put pressure on the regime in Asmara and has extended gratitude to the Sanna Axis countries and valued by distinguished role of the Sudan toward the people of Eritrea . Mr. Ibrahim Gadem, head of the preparatory committee, has presented a comprehensive report about the work of the conference before he declared the result of the election which has being awaited for more than five hours. “This conference is the most objectivity and transparency dominated conference I have ever participated at. If we were at the political consciousness and awareness of the year 2004, the splits as well as the differences which had happened in the year 1970 would never have occurred. This conference was transformational, for it brought about a real change in the Eritrean vision, thought and programs,” said Mr. Gedem. Further more, he has referred to the democratic choices and public participation as the ideal option of bringing about a comprehensive change.

Mr. Gadem said that there were 144 voters, 20 votes were dropped due to technical reasons and the remaining 124 votes have elected their leadership. The closure concert started with a word from Mr. Ahmed Nasser in which he welcomed the mass and conveyed a message of gratitude to the Sudanese government and people as well as for all those who have contributed to the success of the conference including the responsible officials about the Eritrean case in the Sudanese government and the leaders of the Eritrean political factions. “Every conference assesses the previous experiences to come up with new ideas for a brighter future and we have passed in the last two years through difficult circumstances and it was a must to evaluate this period to extract lessons learned from it and to find out sustainable solutions,: said Mr. Ahmed. Further more, he said that the conference has focused on the issue of unifying the Eritrean Opposition and on considering the Eritrean National Alliance as well as propagating the culture of dialogue.

The new leadership, he added, has been conceded to seek serious dialogue with other Eritrean political organizations to reach the minimum limit program regard less of their political culture to overthrow the regime and to guarantee the internal peace as well to enhance our relations with the neighboring countries. “I really appreciate the serious discussions of the participants of the conference who have come from all over the world, from Australia in the East to California in the West and the world between them,” added Mr. Ahmed.

Moreover, Dr. Habte Tesfamariam has commented on the conference saying, “It was about unity, democracy and challenge …. Democracy with its western conceptions has prevailed in our society before it came to us from the west for it is the key for justice and to realize this, we have to accelerate our unity pace,” said Dr. Habte.

Moreover, observers say that this conference is distinguished by a number of factors among which dissemination of full reports about the general atmosphere of the deliberations with out reservation for the Eritrean mass in all over the world about its sessions following every session, live coverage of the Eritrean Websites for the works of the conference with out any bias as well as the participation of all Eritrean political factions at its opening ceremony has given the participants “Strong push” to discuss the papers of the conference and to conclude with resolutions that enhance the organization and the opposition.

This political notion of holding dialogues among the opposition in official sessions and at occasions as well, is and indication of broad political awareness for the significance of speeding up the unification process and an attempt of creating a new collective mind to confront the serious challenge.

The conference has accredited the political and the organizational programs and has agreed on the resolutions and recommendations of the conference which have defined the fixed principles of the organization, its condemnation for the policies of the regime in Asmara and their strong commitment to the choice of unifying the opposition.

The conference has also renewed its support of the ENA. The closure ceremony was attended by the great Sudanese singer, Abdel Aziz Almubarek who was given the lead of the singers for he had a scheduled obligation to fulfill else where later in the evening. Almost all the participants have rushed to the stage and the dance floor the moment the music orchestra of Abdel Aziz AlMubarek started to play.

At about 8:00 PM, the band of the ELF-NC came to the stage to continue the final ceremony. After singing the national anthem, by singing national and emotional songs which touched deeply the audience as it was clear from their rushing to the dance floor to dance on the accustomed Eritrean mode of dance. Almost all the songs have made the audience to live the dream of democracy and justice for which every Eritrean is struggling, the songs talked and reflected past and current Eritrean realities. That is why all the audience have rushed to the dance floor regardless of their political status and orientation just to dance while holding each other's hands.

A number of bodies were given a gratitude and honoring certificates which included:

The ruling National Congress in the Sudan .
Administration of the National Residence camps of Suba.
The Eritrean Medical Association.
Alkhalej Research and Studies Center
And extended a warm thanks for all Eritrean Websites particularly for those which have been following and disseminating the works of the conference.



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