The success of 6th session of the ENA is a New Hope for the Eritrean people
to be free from the Dictator

By Sadia Ali November 19, 2003

The ENA held its 6th session from 28 October to 8 November, 2003 and with a very successful outcome and clarifications on the 3 and 4 articles, this shows the high level of democracy and responsibility exercised in the ENA, and stamina in discussing matters and reaching consensus on matters which help them to work together. This success was a new hope for every genuine Eritrean who seeks Eritrea to be free from the Dictatorship and build a democratic society in a democratic Eritrea, and in the other side it was a choke for some organisations and individuals who dreamed for the failure of the session and the disperse of the ENA as Mr Seyoum and his group thought when they walkout in October 2002, assuming the pull out of ELF RC from the ENA will create the disperse of the ENA, as if ELF RC is ENA and the whole ENA is ELF RC this it self was a very chauvinistic idea and a very irresponsible move.

The ENA is going to stay, because it is a menu multiparty system in which all organisation with different ideologies can work together under one umbrella organisation, this umbrella organisation is a mile stone for our struggle of building a multiparty system in future Eritrea in which all parties can compete in a very free, fair and democratic elections. That is why the grassroots of the ELF RC and its leadership confronted Seyoum and his group of their evil agenda which aimed to isolate the ELF RC from its sister organisations and ENA to be dispersed, this move was a deliberate move to weaken the ENA and through the ENA the Whole oppositions.

The ENA in its 6th session not only clarified the two controversial articles but also formed a committee under the chairmanship of Mr Ahmed Nasser to fulfil the understanding of the Kassel Manifesto and to start dialogue with all Eritrean oppositions, civic societies and national figures without any exception to formulate a common vision of the aim of the intended national conference and find ways and means on how this conference can be held, this committee needs a co-operation of every Eritrean who seeks to get rid of the Dictator in Eritrea, this committee has to be seen as a national committee which is formed to save the nation from this evil regime which is killing our people under different pretext.

The success of this committee is going to be the mile stone on holding the intended National conference, which is going to save our people from bleeding further.

All oppositions forces have to co-operate with ENA and above mentioned committee for the sake of the dying nation, we have to be responsible enough and learn from our past and try to work together, no matter how ENA is formed or who are its components are, any one who see weaknesses if there is any in the ENA, has to come and struggle from within and not calling for another Alliance, this means an excuse for a call of split in the opposition camp as Isayas did in 1970 when he claimed that ELF was a Moslem, back worded organisation, just to fulfil his divisive agenda, and formed his organisation, and we know what the result of this move was, and calling for another Alliance has be looked from that historic point of view, that has disunited the Eritrean struggle.

There is no other ways than working within the ENA or work together with it to raise it to the level of strong Alliance who can challenge the dictatorial regime and get Eritrea rid of it, if all oppositions or individuals outside the ENA are genuine and responsible enough they have to join the ENA or work close with it to put our collected manpower and resources against the regime for the sake of our bleeding nation. We have to learn from our past and give primacy to the salvation of our people, leaving our power interest behind and struggle to create a democratic Eritrea where every Eritrean feels that he/she is equal and we must believe that power has to be handed over to our people who suffered a lot under this tyrant regime, and they have to elect a party or individual whom they think is capable of leading our beloved Eritrea to peace, harmony and prosperity.

God bless Eritrea
Glory to our Martyrdom
We live and die to create a democratic Eritrea