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May 5th, 2007 - 01:21:57 
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Gel'alo Building: A Remarkable Means To Enjoy Nature
Staff, Sep 22, 2003

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The production of ornamented craft, and the making of forms and space, gives joy to human feeling, touch and emotion to the building. The fact that Gel'alo building is first of its kind in the area makes it more remarkable.

The Gel'alo building is meant to serve domestic and foreign tourists. Gel'alo is situated 130 km away from Massawa, one of Eritrea's portsIt has about 25,000 residents mostly farmers and fishers. It is administrated under the Southern Red Sea Zoba.

Gel'alo Building is found 1 km away from the town close to the sea. It is built in a rocky sea-side location in the eastern out-skirt of the town. It has 41 rooms and 16 restrooms. It is built at a cost of Nfa 9.7 million.It is built mostly from stone crafted with great care. The manpower comprised members of national service under the Warsai-Yikalo campaign. Hence if these were paid, the building would have cost a fortune.

The gate is made of four pillars. The entrance is made of metal with eye catching structure decorated perfectly to feet the building.

In front of the gate lays a composition which shows current Eritrean map done according to delineations by the boundary commission between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The boundary was delineated at the time the construction of the building began. The map was put there to show that the border verdict has finally been made and also for the remembrance of those who have sacrificed their life for the independence of the country and to safeguard the sovereignty of their motherland, Eritrea.

Right above the new Eritrean map sits a tortoise statue. This was made to show the slow but successful stride the nation is making. It perfectly explains the patience of the nation in all aspects. The wise steps taken to find a peaceful resolution for the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia is one example.

The main building is semicircle. It encloses many pillars and long corridors. The building contains conference room, dinning room which can serve many people at once, parking area and other important quarters. In addition, each room has its own kitchen and bathroom. It is surrounded by flowers of different colors and trees of diverse type grace the building.

There is also a statue of one member of defense force standing at the center of a fountain at the back of the main building. This statue is built for the commemoration of those who participated in the building work. The person is carrying a big stone on his shoulder and all his weapons are placed right by his side. The stone in his shoulder shows that the public are ready to rebuild their nation when the country is in relative peace under the slogan 'zeal in safeguarding the nation, zeal in rebuilding the nation'.

On the left side of the building rests a sculpture of a candle standing on a block. The names, date of joining the struggle, and date of martyrdom of some of the first founders of the struggle for independence are neatly engraved. They have put the candle high so that it can be seen from every corner.

The candle is there to remind us of those who have sacrificed their lives for the independence of the country and those who are martyred to safeguard the countries sovereignty. In June 20 of this year, 'martyrs day', the citizens of the town walked to that place carrying candles.

The building is handed to the Ministry Of Tourism upon its completion. In addition, the sea is rich in various kinds of fishes and sea plants and animals.

Moreover, the Massawa-Assab road is being asphalted making the area accessible to travelers and businessmen.

Even though the building has not become operational yet, a lot of people from inside and out side the country arrive to see the building and admire it.

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