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Dr Woldeab Yisak: Innocent Student Blood on Your Hands
By Berhane Habteab
August 20, 2001

The University of Asmara president, Dr Woldeab Yisak, is well known for his destructive leadership that has reduced the university into a place not even better than a high school. His university book is full of irresponsible acts and events that many people have simply given up on him. Politically, he has become the errand boy of president Isaias Afwerki. In stead of maintaining the excellence, neutrality and independence of the academic environment, he has turned the university campus into a PFDJ mind controlling ground.

One would have simply ignored Dr Woldeab but he has become party to the PFDJ's plan of muzzling and purging the university of any academic and student voice that is different from that of the ruling party. But now, the acts of Dr Woldeab cannot and must not be ignored. He is guilty of putting in danger the lives of thousands of university students. The two students that died, the many that are in hospital have been subjected to this only because the university president, in cooperation with PFDJ security, has sent the students to hell.

How on earth would a father (whose family are still living in Sweden) send his sons and daughters to a sweltering heat and expect that he will not be held legally responsible? Where is our humanity? Didn't Dr Woldeab write two letters to UNESCO and world universities requesting their help to save Eritrean students who were victimized in concentration camps in Ethiopia? ("UoA's renewed call on UNESCO to press for release of detained Eritrean students", Eritrea Profile, Vol. 5 No. 38, November 28, '98;

Didn't he cry out and loud when Ghebrekidan Zekarias Teklemariam died in Blattien camp in Ethiopia? Ghebrekidan was a 24-year-old third year distinction student (Statistics).

How did Dr Woldeab and all of us who are observing in disgust allow the PFDJ do to our own brothers and sisters what the weyane did in the last three years? How???

If there is any decency left on the PFDJ Government, they MUST relocate the students as soon as possible. Delaying any further would claim more innocent Eritrean lives.

And those of you Eritreans, who were fighting the weyane to save Eritreans, wake up and smell the coffee. The PFDJ is nothing but a murderous political machine. Do the honorable thing. Call on your bosses and ask them to stop the insanity.

Alliance of Eritrean National Forces: you're a disgrace to Eritrea and Eritreans. Don't exploit the situation. Eritreans are smart enough to identify and reject your opportunistic interventions.

Dear non-PFDJ Eritreans: take action…parents are been humiliated and bleeding because they can't save their student children. Call your governments, the media, human rights organizations, UNESCO, etc. and demand that they put pressure on the PFDJ Government. Act now!

Berhane Habteab and has sole responsibility for the content on this page. Comments about this article you can contact the writer by e-mail: Berhane Habteab
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