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By Siraj Abu Sami, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Sep 25, 2003   

Note to Readers: This is an old Arabic article I was obliged to translate due to the latest article of Mr. Woldeyesus Ammar. 

In the R.C last meeting convened in last August, Dr. Habte refused to continue presiding over the R.C. out of frustration, at a time Ahmed Nasir had been ousted from the organization presidency without being subjected to objective evaluation for his practices.  That happened due to will of some elements raising slogans alien to our organization. (Saying Alienation despite he had withdrawn quietly and convinced, when he felt that he was unacceptable).


Till now the new leadership did not justify that change, without criticizing default, political and organizational defects.  It has to clarify and justify that to the membership.  The wise leadership has to descend its decision after thorough study in order to keep the organization intact, then to brief its base.  Any change taking place this unacceptable way, with connivance, is regarded a new precedent in changing the leadership whereas there is a groupism working behind the scenes.


This process, in addition to what had happened in the last opposition meeting, represented in chaos and exaggeration, constituted an exciting dilemma on levels of the area and the organization's grassroots, which could have obliterated our organization identity.  Moreover, some dissidents fabricated stories far differing from reality.


Who is responsible for all that chaos and frustration following the meeting of R.C. and the meeting of the opposition, which led to a vast depressing moral.


Our organization, E.L.F/RC a democratic one and working for the sake of freedom, justice and equality, would not deviate from its principal path and adopt a policy contradictory to its principles and objectives to appease those undemocratic elements working behind the scenes.  Our organization faced a lot of internal crisis, but emerged intact keeping its principles, positions and objectives high.  Still it has a wide popular support, in the path of struggle against the bloody dictatorship regime in Asmara.


E.L.F/RC does not base on different alliances, but an alliance of revolutionary organization of strugglers converged in noble goals.  Any one who believes contrary to this, is an illusionist.  However, what had happened in the last R.C. meeting just a passing repercussions and signs. Also, the following created mistreatment of the opposition alliance.  All these are passing attitudes, which could not be exploited and impossible to tamper with our integrity and deviate from the path.   Our organization has experienced conspiracies and factionalism and has had the immunity against that and steadfast footing and clear vision.  Any attempt to change the path would be strongly confronted.  Those who work in darkness and conspire to form a grouping in order to override the organization are illusive and their endeavours of no avail.


Some elements of opposition alliance leadership believe that they can hurt E.L.F/RC.  This is an illusive thinking.  It could not make any effective progress or do any sustainable work without E.L.F/RC.


After this introduction, we would like to display the developments in details so as to emphasize reality of situations and the ensuing results.


First:  Alienation of Ahmed Nasir


In principle, alienation of any person from holding responsibility is not a strange thing in itself, but that emerges from objective facts and pursuit of sound and clear way in evaluation process.  Criticism raised from this issue of alienation was due to unobjective evaluation.  It happened without clear overtures, in darkness and secret mobilization to secure mechanical majority of dissidents rising rejected slogans.  In the past those conspirers were raising progressive slogans and were respectful workers.


These conspiracy modes in leadership practice lead to loss of confidence and open doors for unwarranted conflicts as a result.  The organization would enter a stage of internal conflicts, which the leadership should avoid by practicing institutional methods in work.  Like wise, change in leadership should take place due to important and overt issues and after subjecting the person to an overt and objective evaluation and confronting him with his mistakes and negligence.  The mode of revenge should be shunned as well as grouping wishes (to avoid the policy of likes and dislikes and this is my partisan and that is not). In this situation I do not want to advocate any one or defame any one since any body's practices or production represent his attitude.  I need to say there was a covert alliance in the last R.C. meeting, aiming to reinstate Ibrahim Mohammed Ali to leadership, this in collaboration with deviated group which raised an odd slogan for the first time in the history of E.L.F/RC. (We, do not want Mohammed or Ahmed, we want Michael and George).  For sure those persons are deviated from E.L.F/RC. Path, but what surprising in the matter, it was emanated from leading elements which features spitefulness and sarcasm and depressed thinking of those people.  These slogans reflect deviation in their thinking and practices. 


Nominating for E.L.F/RC. Leadership takes place due to assignment and delegation of power basis and not preference or honorary position.  It depends on the person efforts and his objective personal attributes, political capabilities and loyalty to social national work, but not for his affiliation.  On the other hand I don�t believe-that Seyoum Oqbamichael is one of those grouped persons, but responded just for his political aspirations and love of power.  The question now is why they eliminated both Dr. Beyene and Eyob Bisrat � etc.  Probably they refused those slogans.  Likewise refusal of Dr. Habte to continue in the leadership of the R.C. is to voice his frustration and rejection of covert grouping and activities.  Any competent and qualified struggler has his aspirations, providing that  were practiced legally and democratically.


When a member of the new group,  asked why they eliminated Ahmed Nasir?  He responded that Ahmed Nasir did not advocate the case of Kebesa people, i.e. Christians living on the Eritrean highlands when meeting Ethiopian prime minister who described Kebesa people as chauvinist which he meant PFDJ. I don't know whether he said that or not but if he did, then he was not far from reality.  In fact PFDJ is profound in chauvinism and racialism.  Based on this, PFDJ practices injustice, repression, and persecution and prevents practicing political and social and human rights.  Also stands against usage of Arabic language.  It has raised a laughable slogan, calling for promotion of local dialects, the thing, which could not happen even in 1000 years.  All that is to disintegrate the people.  In a vast meeting, one person asked about the utility of promoting these dialects, and whether it could be used in governmental departments and public daily life.  The response was No. Tigrigna is the main language.  Therefore, the target made clear, which is creation of national unity crisis.


All Eritrean have to work together and earnestly for the sake of national unity and to shun distortion of facts to attain justice and equity and quit devastating practices and to live with reality and denounce stripping of rights, practiced by the bloody regime in Asmara.


2ndly:  immediately after the adjournment of the last R.C. new rumours were spread that Ibrahim Mohammed Ali & Co. has succeeded in making a peaceful coup against E.L.F/RC. and ousted Ahmed and Dr. Habte and took over the organization leadership � in this context Ibrahim said �I have worked for this change for a whole one year�.  He has not left his house after the Gondar meeting till his attending the last R.C. meeting.  He had faced a grill during Gondar conference and accused with negligence and entering the organization in a dormant state in his leadership era.  Consequently he failed in the election and ranked as first reserve (someone gave up his position for him in the last R.C. Meeting to step up to the leadership).


As I know Ahmed was very surprised that Ibrahim couldn�t secure confidence of the conference.  What had occurred was considered normal in democratic terms.  He commented on that attributing his position in the bottom of the list to his hard line attitudes!!!  This is an irrational justification, because diminishing confidence means that his role is unconvincing.


His role in this process is limited even though the whole process seemed a revenge for him and he led that process.  He couldn�t master that matter, planning and executing, even if he pretends to admit that he was positioned to play the role of �Trojan Horse�.  The matter is far more than revenge or change of one person who suspected of deviation from the path of the Front.  They exploited his feverish loving for authority to cover up their essential movements.  Much astonishing that the R.C. did not confront them even though their movements were public.  Might be that R.C. preferred waiting till accumulation of true information and see the dangerous trends affecting the integrity of the organization.  Anyhow, E.L.F/RC. Will not allow deviation from its political path and know the good and the bad.  The organization will emerge from this experience more strong and unified and will not be disintegrated.  At this stage, all our people have to support the leadership, in spite of signs of weakness and leniency, and that for the sake of our country and the organization, to upgrade the awareness and build confidence and respect, and to shun suspicions.  Integrity of the organization is the supreme goal. 


E.L.F/RC. Is not a special farm for those who lost confidence of people, so as to entertain as they like.  It is impossible to dismantle its unity.  Deviation of some people should not lead us to despair, but should propel us to more unity, work and sacrifice.


E.L.F/RC. & Opposition alliance:


E.L.F/RC. Has succeeded in converging and activating the opposition in struggle against dictator Isaias� regime.


The alliance refrained from participating in the last meeting convened in Addis Ababa.  That created a lot of conflicts and accusations.


Each party has its own vision.  What are the real reasons? Has the alliance behaved responsibly and objectively and according to bonds required in this stage?


It has made a big mistake and should bear the greater role in creating this crisis, which lead to deterioration of relationship.  Why they resorted to the newcomer Huruy Bayru?  Neglecting their struggle ties which the E.L.F/RC. Why the alliance issued a statement calling for freezing of the E.L.F/RC without any legal support?  Is that just for deepening the conflict?  Why these hurdles are put by Imposing daunting conditions.


E.L.F/RC. Suggests that his abstention from participation in alliance leadership due to presence of external interference and imposition of certain persons.  E.L.F/RC exerted efforts to persuade the alliance to shun the external interference which leads to influencing the free national decision.  The alliance refutes this allegation, saying that they had expected the E.L.F/RC to nominate an acceptable person.


In this way, the leadership of the new alliance has been selected without participation of ELF-RC, and Mr. Huruy Bairu, has been selected as a Secretary General, instead of Mr. Seyoum Oqbamichael, and by this contradicted presentation, each party tries that his story is correct, and within the follow up for the subject, it was obvious that there was a rumor is promoted in special meetings stating that Mr. Huruy Bairu, went out from Eritrea, with invitation from the friend countries for the alliance heading.  This was an intelligent advertising which echoed different reaction.  Some people have believed and are happy at, and the others have taken negative reactions especially the R.C. which took the issue as a conflict between the ones who have accepted with the trusteeship, and the ones who rejected it.


Whatever it was, the majority of the Eritreans reject the two parties allegation, and consider it as power conflict, and they relate the mistakes to the two parties, and one asking to solve the crisis as soon as possible and enhancing the alliance efficiency.


The R.C�s mistakes are represented in:


First: The withdrawal, rejection of the dialogue and imposition of Mr. Seyoum, Wasn't it more reasonable to conduct a deep dialogue and work to get aware with the situation, instead of displaying macho and the abstaining from the participation and wouldn't it better to present another person other than Mr. Seyoum, to evade this crisis?


Second:  The objection of the aberrant agents group for the dialogue, and their rejection to present a substitute person for Mr. Seyoum, so as not to be that person is Ahmed Nasir, reflects immature mentally.


It is worthy to mention that there was an agreement between the alliance leaders before elimination of the previous leadership and formation of a new leadership that the Organizations Heads should not undertake the responsibility in the alliance leadership, but this matter had been changed under mysterious attempts conducted by some agents with the other parties in the alliance. By this mal-practicing, the organization leadership has fallen in mistakes and was not able to get out from it . Instead of the dialogue rejection, and the insisting to impose a person and withdrawal, it was much better to reconcile the matter and remedy of the situation from the view of the top national interest, it was necessary to nominate another person. By that only, it can make the alliance in critical position. Would it reject Mr. Seyoum, as a pretext or refuse the RC? Thus, it was supposed that the organization leadership should behave that way. Politics  require flexibility and going for possible things under certain circumstances, and it is not always necessary to achieve what we want one go .


For mistakes of the opposition alliance, it is represented in several situations.


 First : believing of the rumors , and the chasing behind Mr. Huruy, who is considered as the liberator who has been brought be the destinies carrying the victory flame in this critical stage. The second mistake represents in the un care with the opposition unity in its attempt to impose impossible conditions on the RC, and the third mistake which is unjustified, represents in  alliance�s preference for Mr. Huruy, on Mr. Seyoum, which considered as surprising matter . The history of the two men is clear for the all . Mr. Huruy Bairu, came to the revolution in a summons by the ELF, in 1970, from Sweden. After a while, he has become the absolute master in the ELF, where he has assumed the position of / vice president, and Head of the political office, and he did not achieve any positive job and did not practice his responsibilities efficiently. The strugglers have considered his practices within that period as a destructive period, and in the second national conference of the ELF, his role has been evaluated negatively and the confidence has been drawn from him, and he has not been selected yet .


Since he left the conference, he was chasing to destruct and dismantle the unity of the organization, where he caused in agitating of the primitive inequities which developed into blood shedding, and after that he has come close to PFDJ, and later has become a member in its false parliament, obliged and supporting for the anti policies to the people.  No any opposition heard from his side for practices of Asmara Governors . His last departure came, when he felt that the PFDJ regime is about to collapse. Immediately he began to recommend himself and circulates the rumors for personal announcement and to create the weight and domination. We can understand from what is mentioned above, he is un productive person fluctuant politically owing to his personal interest . He concentrates his thoughts and his activity around himself, and he does not care much to what the people struggle from suffering. The positive point he enjoys is that he is not drastic against the Arabic language and its culture.


The Struggler, Mr. Seyoum, was from the beginning an obliged member with the ELF, he did not left it despite of the storms which has blown on its trial and the crisis which surrounded it. He has paid very high price in the prisons for long years, in the course of our people�s fair issue, and he did not conspire on the revolution, and did not cause into blood shedding of the innocents. He worked from the base to the top according to the political program for the organization. Therefore, it is worthy to say to the members of the alliance that the comparison between the two men, is totally out of question. For that, the preference of Mr. Huruy is not in the right decision. Perhaps, Seyoum, is activist and aggressive in the challenge with bitter comments which may cause him sensitivity and disgust . He is not fit  much for dialogue, but he is very clear person, and all allegations and accusations which have been shouldered on him, are unproved practically. Therefore, I have to say that the opposition alliance has committed a big mistake in its preference of Mr. Huruy to Mr. Seyoum, who was in the near past supporting the anti policies against the people. Some might say that in politics there is no permanent enemy or permanent friend. This is true but politics should start with a principle and to be practiced by moral. Mr. Seyoum has an organization behind him, and what does Mr. Huruy have? It is known in my opinion that the alliance joins a number of the imaginary organizations, except four organizations which have actual existence in the field, and on their top is the ELF, the Islamists and two other organizations, but the remaining group are considered as air bubbles chasing to search for roles and the power without doing or having actual presence on the ground which ought to have stayed out of the opposition alliance membership, and its role and participation restricted to an observer status.


The opposition alliance, shall not have the efficiency to play with the dictatorial regime in the absence of the ELF-RC. The alliance should take the initiative to open discussion with the RC and try to mend the situation and come into agreement, enhancing for the objective mutual work. It should present a self-criticism for its mistakes in the right of the ELF-RC. It should deal with it in the view of sale and purchase, and creation of the disagreement instead of the reconciliation ignoring the basic issue and the great responsibility laid on its part.


The alliance undoubtedly, is a correct adobe to activate the role of the opposition, and it is necessary to maintain it and the RC should participate in the opposition work even if is not in the leadership situation, and disregard of individuals presence. The RC may not accept them, and we hope that this should not be as an obstacle for a mutual work because what we are aiming at is greatest end, and the responsibility is tremendous. It is necessary to get the benefit of the new situation of the deterioration of the regime�s relationship with the neighboring countries to the lowest standard. This shall allow releasing the siege, and good opportunities if the alliance leadership worked  far away from the conflict behind the curtains for the sake of the chairs resulting in the non efficiency of the alliance throughout the last ten years fighting each other while the regime is persisting in its oppression to the people. If the situation continued like this, nothing shall be awaited from the alliance.


Conclusion .


Changing of the RC leadership has not come for a necessity or for an organizational and political interest or by cause of default or mistakes committed. But it came by interest, and raised dangerous slogans, and is trying the deviation from the front line and to impose its power on the organization.


It has appeared now, weakness of the existing organization�s leadership clearly. It has missed its power and supremacy with the concerned parties, and has become confused in its situations in dealing with alliance leadership. In the beginning it has shown exerted attempt to impose its elected person on the alliance, and then disappeared under allegations which can not be proved and it was not able to present another person and some times trying for dialogue but challenged by the maneuver from the alliance. By this was, it has missed its vision before the alliance leadership maneuvers which is trying to insult the RC, through submitting impossible conditions on the account of the national top interest, as if they are practicing a political welfare and are not bearing the people�s responsibility.


The agents who have raised the above mentioned dangerous slogans did that only to pass an evectional objective for a particular person, but it was a situation expressing about dangerous trend, which is trying to change principles and objectives of the organization and to hold it under false justifications.


The weakness in which the opposition suffering from, reverts to the self factors, where all are struggling deadly for the sake of the power, not only in the field of the alliance, but also in the field of all the organizations as contagious disease has infected all . It is difficult to get rid of the power conflicts which are now clear in the Eritrean field unless all the leadership step down in, particularly those who are leading the factions over the last ten years and fuel conflicts and enhance divisions, and obstruct setting up an effective opposition to face the repressive, tyrannical regime.


The leadership we need is a qualified one, aware of the political realities and variables on the internal and external levels.  A devoted leadership that is keen on public interests.  Definitely it is not the narrow-minded leadership which we had already known running after leadership chairs for the sake of personal gains.  We need a dedicated person, not that one feverishly seeking the position.  Moreover, the leadership should be from honest elements, have aptitude and energy for work and acceptable for all parties.  It should be bound to prescribed policies and not plotting to stay on chairs.  Definitely, there are revolutionary, resistant elements that could manipulate the leadership competently, contrary to the repeated, ordinary faces.


Those who race for the authority, believing that the goal is near to attain, have to wide open their eyes, because the distance is still farther than they think.  Battling Isaias� regime has yet to begin.  Removing the regime is not an easy task and could not be attained overnight as envisaged by many combatants even though he is dying and collapsing specially after EPLF's split.  He is facing internal crisis and diplomatic siege particularly from the neighboring countries.  There might be unexpected events not taken into the alliance account such as a military coup by frustrated generals.  We don�t know what kind of regime will replace the present one.  However, any military regime will follow the same course of practices unless otherwise hand over the authority to people.  Therefore, focus is on the opposition alliance to reject disputes without ignoring ELF-RC and collaborate in leading the common work. Otherwise, the result will only be weakness and deterioration of common work and extending the regime's life span.


Movement of the alliance towards achieving the national interest, though it contains weak elements as mentioned earlier, might enhance solidarity and create striking Eritrean opposition.  All that shall contribute in liberating our people from the grip of the dictator and authoritarian regime in Asmara.


Abu Sami

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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