Post Independence Dialogue:

After the departure of the Ethiopian occupation forces in 1991 from Eritrea; and based on the belief that liberation has been achieved through the
contributions of all national forces during the years of armed struggle; four Eritrean opposition organizations: the ELF, ELF the National Council , ELF
the United Organization, the Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement issued a memorandum of political declaration. The memorandum called on the
EPLF to overcome differences that existed during the period of armed struggle among the Eritrean factions and to head towards comprehensive
national reconciliation that would bring about formation of an interim government of national unity pending appropriate conditions for the
establishment of constitutional government that emerge from a democratic practice and that would reflect the will of the Eritrean people. (It is worth
noting that the ELF- the Revolutionary Council boycotted the meetings of the four organizations that had issued the memo opposing the participation
of the Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement in the meeting)
. However, the EPLF did not respond to the call and announced that it did not recognize the
existence of other political organizations in the Eritrean arena. On the martyrs’ day, on June 20, 1992; the Eritrean President announced his refusal
to recognize others and asked the leadership of the organizations to enter individually to the country. Based on this principle; the ruling EPLF went on
the road to devote its totalitarian regime that shackled all forms of fundamental freedoms.

Source The Eritrean – Eritrean Dialogue Challenges and Perspectives