Eritrea: Sweden negotiates with govt for the release of journalist arrested 6 years ago
Sunday, 28 October 2007

This weekend marked six years since the Swedish journalist Dawit Isaak was imprisoned in his former homeland Eritrea.
According to a news source, while he is still behind bars, Isaak’s situation has improved somewhat. He is allowed medicines and vitamins and can receive visitors.

Meanwhile, Sweden continues to negotiate with the Eritrean government. The Swedish Press Club has criticised the foreign ministry, however, for not doing more on Dawit Isaak’s behalf.

He was arrested along with 10 other journalists and 11 political dissidents. Last week the European Union called on Eritrea to either put the prisoners on trial or let them go.

According to the press club, once a week protest letters on Dawit Issak’s behalf are turned over to the Eritrean embassy in Stockholm.-

TT news agency