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By Gedab News - Nov 19, 2003   

Gedab News has learned that on November 15, 2003, security officers arrested Ermias Debessai (Papayo) and his sister, Senait Debessai, from their family home in Asmara. The reason for the arrest is still unknown.

 Ermias Debessai (Papayo), a veteran combatant of the EPLF had been released from jail on April 9, 2003 after spending years in detention in Asmara (Gedab News, 04/09/03)

 Ermias� sister, Senait Debessai, is a veteran combatant and is known as a singer with the EPLF�s cultural troupe. Senait was one of a few women who were members of the �secret party� that operated within the EPLF under the leadership of Isaias Afwerki. She has three children from her ex-husband Beyene Russom, the former Eritrean Ambassador to Kenya. 

 A friend of Senait said, �Senait joins Aster Fessehazion (G15) and Meriam Hagos (former Director of Cinema), both veteran combatant women, who have disappeared after being picked up by Eritrean security forces�.

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