Name of Deceased, Title, Date of Death

1.       General Oqbe Abraha, Chief of Staff of the armed forces, 13/07/2002
2.       Mr Mohammed Sherifo, Chief of Ministry of Local Government, 06/06/2003
       Mr. Saleh Kekya, Chief of Ministry of Transportation, 9/6/2003
       Ms. Aster Fessehaye, Chief NUEW Anseba Zone, 13/6/2003
       Mr. Tesfa Girorghis, Administrator Tsorona subzone, 14/3/2004
6.       Mr. Yusuf, Publisher private press, 13/6/2003
7.       Mr. Medhane Tewelde, publisher private press, February 2006
8.       Mr. Said, private press, March 2005
9.       Mr. Sahle, January 2005

While detained at Embatkala, General Uqbe Abraha was discovered in the midst of a suicide attempt--using a mirror from his room to slash his throat. He was immediately and secretly transferred to Glass, a military hospital in Keren.  After two days of hospitalization, he was returned back; however, due to injuries sustained, and after enduring suffering for prolonged period, he died in Embtakala on the date mentioned.  Five secretly trained grave diggers, Shfeir amongst them, buried him at night.  It is this incident that caused the PFDJ to build Eiraeiro, with specifications that the building not facilitate suicide and, once built, to transfer them.


Source: :The Obscure & Tragic End of the G-15
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