Donors asked to provide more aid to Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia

Wednesday 11 March 2009 01:30.

March 10, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) – Ethiopia and the UN refugees agency (UNHCR) have launched a joint appeal to the international community for more humanitarian aid to meet the growing arrivals of Eritrean refugees.

The two sides made their appeal on Tuesday during a meeting with donors’ representatives and resident ambassadors in Addis Ababa to discuss the Eritrean refugees’ condition.

Over 30,000 Eritrean refugees are currently living in three refugee camps in northern Ethiopia. Assistances provided by World Food Program (WHO) and UNHCR are now becoming insufficient in meeting the demands of the refugees, mostly young and single originating from urban areas of Eritrea. The average of the monthly arrival of the Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia has reached 900 people per month.

The donors have been requested to provide more humanitarian aid but also they were asked to receive refugees who want to pursue their education and allocate them scholarships. Most of the refugees are desirous to continue their education as many of them, young, single, educated.

Over 4,000 Eritrean refugees have so far been resettled in USA and Europe. Some 6,500 refugees who have already got the opportunity to be resettled in USA are also waiting for their departure.