By Gedab News - Jan 12, 2005   

The Eritrean National Alliance (ENA) concluded its meeting in Addis Ababa a few hours ago and elected Mr. Herui T. Bairu (replacing Mr. Abdella Idris) as chairman and Mr. Hussein Khalifa (replacing Herui) as the Secretary General of the ENA. Both Herui and Hussein won 22 votes each. The maximum number of votes for each office is 26.
Hussein Khalifa is vice-chair of the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) and Herui T Bairou is the chairman of the Eritrean Cooperative Party (ECP.)
According to our source, the ENA will "hold another meeting in Khartoum, later on, to fill the various offices of the secretariat."
The leaders are heading to Khartoum to attend an opposition conference which was scheduled for today, Wednesday (Jan. 12), but is now postponed for Saturday (Jan 15). The majority of the participants in the conference are expected to arrive in Khartoum by tomorrow, but some have already arrived.
The change of schedule was necessitated by the delay of most participants in arriving to Khartoum.
In related news, the Catholic Church of Sudan hosted a dinner party on Tuesday night for the Eritrean opposition organizations in Khartoum. The church made a strong call for peace and appealed to all Eritreans, including the government and opposition, to work hard for the stabilization of their country.
The party was attended by about forty-five members of different Eritrean opposition organizations.
Present in the dinner party were Mr. Mohammed Nur Ahmed (EDP:Eritrean Democratic Party), Mr. Adhanom Gebremariam and Mr. Abdella Adem (both from EPM: Eritrean People's Movement) as well as members of other opposition organizations, groups and activists.


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