Eritrean opposition organizations in the years 1993-1997 were so disoriented and their focus of their struggle was very hard to understand because they were attacking each other on their publications rather direct it to the dictatorial regime. Being frustrated by their senseless attacking each other Eritreans in the Bay Area California some members of these opposition organizations others non- members met for some months discussed on the issue how to focus on the dictator as an opposition. We agreed that the only way the opposition can win is if they form an alliance with a minimum program and respect each other. Then we drafted a memorandum to be sent to each opposition organization. This was in 1996-7. The political organizations responded positively to our call. In fact three organizations ELF and other two form alliance in Sudan, also alliance under the name of Eritrean Democratic Front {EDF} started, but fizzled in a short time, then prominent leaders of Eritrean Revolutionary Democratic Front {ERDF} assassinated and kidnapped by agents of the Eritrean dictator. We will revisit this issue below when we give track record of the Ethiopian government how they deal with the Eritrean opposition. In the meantime war broke between Eritrea and Ethiopia and the Eritrean alliance process finalized in 1999. We could say the war gave the alliance process a momentum. Soon the ENA drafted a charter and by-laws. In the by-laws it was clearly stated the organizations chair the alliance for two years turn by turn. First ELF leader Adalla Idris chaired for two years followed by Tewolde Gebresselase, after that Herui Tedla Bairu come out of the blue to chair ENA. That is when the Ethiopian government intervention in the affairs of the opposition organization started which was the cause of ELF-RC walk out at that time. Ever since the planting of Herui in to the alliance the ENA or EDA did not show the people any strategy, program or plan of action that helps to subdue the dictator except endless meeting that bears no fruit. People might say EDA organized national conference that Eritreans expected since 2002, but the conference which took place in 2010 was ill organized, divisive, attended almost entirely by EDA organization members with only 10% of the public at large, practically no issues were discussed that take the Eritrean opposition to higher level of struggle, entirely funded by the Ethiopian government that does not involve the Eritrean public either in input of ideas during preparation or contribution in monetary wise. Now the commission is telling the Eritrean public that they are preparing constitution and national charter. Who is cooking in the name of the Eritrean public? Is this EDA’s achievement in 12 years, if there is anything that Eritreans are not aware of let us know? We are saying respond to what the public is demanding. The public is asking to participate in the planning process organizing and discussing the crucial issue that help us to draft meaningful strategy for change.

The EDA is mobilizing the Eritrean public the wrong way. During the armed struggle Eritreans were called to sacrifice their life, contribute materially, food, their energy and their ideas and we did in droves, we answered fire with fire that made us victorious in driving out the Ethiopian colonial power and erected independent Eritrea in 1991. We don’t say a wave of revolutionary uprising like what we see in the Middle East will not take place in Eritrea like some intellectuals say. The Eritrean destitute is there carrying arms all over the Eritrean fields, the unemployed Eritreans are there out side the cities and towns carrying arms, the young Eritrean who are blocked from getting higher education are there on the fields languishing carrying arms, peasant Eritrea who were the back bone of our armed struggle are there being deprived of their own produce for their own use. Who says these Eritreans will not join the revolution if organized the right way and called to do their share. In fact we don’t have to answer fire with fire, but organize those who are carrying the fire. EDA is calling us to come with “empty pocket and clean jacket”, the Ethiopian government rather TPLF of MLLT will spoon feed us as we have seen in the 2010 national conference. Fellow Eritreans this for what purpos

Source Eritrean Democratic Alliance “EDA”: A national force or a bastion for intervention