4.3 Lists of execution of some prisoners and others since 1991

As the EPLF and ELF’s legacy of the execution and killing of innocent fighters during the liberation struggle, the killing of innocent citizens has never stop after the liberation. In fact it was getting much worse during the broader conflict as many member of Eritrean Defence Force were executed by the order of their own military commander. After the end of the conflict with the introducing of Warsai-Yikalo scheme (which is a forced labour slavery project), the youth have become the main victim of the totalitarian fascist regimes than ever before in the history of the Eritrean people To mention some the PFDJ fascistic crimes
Some the PFDJ fascistic crimes
  List of some of hundreds of Afars were killed by the Eritrean regime
On 4 of July 1994 the massacre of disabled Liberation War veteran (Akale Senkulan Tegadelti )in Mai-Habar
• 150 Eritrean men were were executed on 18 June 1997. Mehari, Mehari Yohannes, in an interview with Awate.com said that Once, over 30 individuals were loaded up and they were executed (“ny hywet sgumti tewesiduwom”)after being tried by a committee. They never had a day in court. Another twenty eight were sentenced for several years and sent to Sembel. [http://www.awate.com/cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi/11/1036/printer]
• On 4 November 2004 48 innocent young men and women at Adi-Abeito prison were killed at Adi-Abeito prison; and also other 161 youth were killed at Wia on 10 June 2005. Since 2005 the PFDJ leaders stated to executed innoncent citizen on the public for terrorizing.                                                 
  • In September 2005, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published photographs taken by a diplomat in Asmara who witnessed a killing by security forces of a young man wounded during a giffa (roundup).
According to the diplomat, a security agent shot the man at close range, execution-style, while the victim lay in the road
  In late 2005 relates to a young man whose dead body was brought by the military police to Tessenei and left in front of a church.[]
•Testimony: The Execution of Mogos Gebreselas in 2006-Eritrea is losing many of her innocent children like MogosRead more

• In 2006 two young Eritrean men were executed by the government in Tessenei town. They were accused of helping people escape to Sudan. In 2006
• On September 1, 2007 a young Eritrea man, Mateos [no last name given], was executed in a public square in Tessenei. His body was then handed over to his family which lives in the town. The family was given a stern warning by the authorities not to hold a public mourning.[]
• The PFDJ security also executed in Forto (near Sawa, Gash-Barka) the young man, Osman Idris Saleh Koy, a resident of Aqurdat town. He was arrested at a teashop in the city, and taken to Forto. The execution took place in the presence of security officials in the region. It is to be recalled that another resident of the city, Kateen [no last name], was publicly executed in Aqurdat. []
• On 16 May 2007 the government’s border security executed, near the Sudanese border, three young soldiers who were, allegedly, captured while trying to escape to Sudan. The three national service members are:
1. Dawoud Mansour
2. Isak Abraha
3. Mebrahtu Andai (omaal.org, 31 May 2007)

• In June 2008 three young female were execuated by the government in Tessenei town. They were accused of escaping to Sudan.

On June 16, 2008, around 11:30 AM, five young Eritreans were apprehended near GhirmaiKa while attempting to cross the Sudanese border.

The names and ages of the above mentioned five are:

(a) Milite Habte, 26 years old;
(b) Senait Tewelde, 19 years old;
(c) Mihret Tesfai, 23 years old;
(d) Yonathan Yimesghen, 24 years old;
(e) Dirar Hamid, 27 years old.

About seven hours after they were apprehended, around 5:00 PM, at a place called Mosdip, they were executed by a unit named “Haile I’mam� (“ሓይሊ ዕማ��).

Haile I’mam is a special unit that has a direct connection with the President’s Office in Asmara. It is specifically created to work as an executing squad. It has 86 members divided into three sub-units. Anyone apprehended crossing the border around the area is handed over to this unit for immediate execution

PFDJ’s Youth movement NAZI youth movement
To conclude, despite all the atrocities committee against youth in Eritrea by PFDJ, it is very sad to see the collabotation of the PFDJ’s Youth movement in Diaspora Collaboration in Crime in the PFDJ fascists to what NAZI youth movement did during the fascist era
The PFDJ has tried to intimidate and terrorise opponents through its youth movement in the diaspora and inside Eritrea, in way that recalls the Andenets terrorists who assassinated Kebire in 1949. The Andenets terrorist group was originally formed as the Youth League of the Unionist Party similar to Young PFDJ. The Youth League of the Unionist Party became collaborators with the Unionist Party ( Mahber Andinet) in a campaign of , assassination and intimidation.
Beleza Youth Association [Youth League of the Unionist Party]
(source Spencer, 1984:227)
Those YPFDJ World wide are playing a destrctive role like the Youth League of the Unionist Party as can be seen from the above picture. The Beleza Youth Association was camaigning against the wish of the Eritrean people for independence in the 1940s and 1950 and became an instrument of the Ethiopian government, working against the wishes of Eritrean people .

It is time for all Eritrean youth who are members of the YPFDJ, Opposition groups, and other independent to revitlaise the 1950s Youth movement's experience to ensure the victory of the Eritrean people against this autocratic regime. In the end, you should leave a postive legacy for the future generation like Abo Woldeab and Ibrahim not like those leaders of Andenets ( Ato Tedla Bairu) or former revolutionary leaders ( Ato Idris M. Adem, Ato Issayas, Ato Abdella Idris, Ato Huriy Tedla and others not mention here).

                                   This is an excerpt from what Ato Woldeab wrote when Ibrahim died

            My beloved brother and friend Ibrahim: a man, even if wise and admired, is not in this world permanently; he is not immortal; you have also passed away. I am also going to pass after you. However, we who are going to pass away, are capable of creating something that is eternal, because we are capable of leaving something that will not fade for generations, I know for certain that what you did for the good of your country will serve as an enduring example for your countrymen. Read more      
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