14 November
expulsion 86 Eritrean from Sudan
Government of the State of Kassala handed over 86 Eritrean refugees including number of women to the Eritrean authorities last week source said to GIC today , Government of Kassala justified this action that Eritrean who handed over to Eritrea Government does not have the refuge card, and they did not mention in front of the court that they came to Kassala to seek asylum, but said they came to trade or sell cattle or visit their relatives source added . and if they said that they came to asking for asylum will be transferred to wdesherify Camp for refugees .
Elsewhere , number of Eritrean opposition and civil society organization appealed the Sudanese government to stop the handed over of Eritrean to their government , also appealed the High Commissioner to shoulder its responsibility to stop the forced deportation of Eritrean.