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ሃይለ ድሩዕ

ኣብ ዩኒቨርስቲ ኣዲስ ኣበባ ቀዳማይ ንጡፍን ሃገራዊ ወዳቢ ኮይኑ ክሰርሕ ድሕሪ ምጽናሕ ኣብ 1965 ንሜዳ ዝወጸ ሓርበኛ ድሩዕ፡
ሓደ ካብቶም 4 ላዕሎዎት ወተሃደራውያን መራሕቲ ህግ ኮይኑ ኣብ #ወተሃደራዊ ስትራተጂ፡ #ዲፕሎማስያዊ ርክባት ፡ #ምፍራይ ካድራት ኣብ ኩሉ ዝላዓለ ታራ ዝነበሮ መራሒ ኮይኑ ናጽነት ዘኣተወ ጅግና ኣቦ ሃገርን ቃልስን እዩ፡
ሓደ ካብቲ ኣብ ቃልሲ ዝተራእየ ዓቢ ወተሃደራዊ ስትራተጂ፡ ምዝላቕ ኮይኑ፡
ነዚ ውሳነ እዚ ብሓላፍነትን ብስለትን ዝወሰኑ ካኣ ሃይለ ድሩዕን ኢብራሂም ዓፋን እዮም፡
ድሩዕ ሰውራዊ ንጥፈታት እንዳ ኣሳለጠ ፡ ኣብ ጸላኢ ስለ ዝወደቐ ኣብ ከቢድ ማሕዩር ኣጽፋሩ ክሳብ ዝቕለጥ ኣብ ሃገራዊ መትከሉ ዝጸነዐ ናይ ሓርበኝነት ኣርማ እዩ፡
ካብ ሃይለ ድሩዕ ንመሃሮ ጽቡቕ እንተሎ፡
ጽንዓት ፡ትብዓት፡ብስለት ሃገራዊ ወኒ ኮይኑ፡
ካብ ሃይለ ድሩዕ ንመሃሮ ኣሉታ ካኣ፡
መታን ኤርትራ ክጥዕማ መታን ካሎኦት ኤርትራውያን ከኣምኑኻን ክለዝቡልካን ኢልካ ዓደቦኻ ምፍራስ እዩ፡
ድሩዕ ባይቶን ሕግን ዓደቡኡ ኣከለጉዛይ ብ ሓድሽ ምሕደራን ግዝኣትን ክልወጥ ክሕሰብ እንከሎ ክዓግቶ ዘይምብጋሱ ሓደ ካብቲ ታሪኻዊ ጌጉኡ እዩ፡
እዚ ከይድገም ካኣ ንምሃር፡
ብሓፈሻ ግን ወላ ኳ እቲ ብዙሓት ኣኽላባት ዘጥረየ እሰያስ ብስጋ እንተ ተዓወተሎም፡
ብታሪኽ ግን ደሚቑን ተዘኪሩን ዝነብር ታሪኽ ድሩዕን ብጾቱን እንበር ታሪኽ እሰያስን ኣኽላባቱን ኣይኮነን፡
Abrha Gebre
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Habte Teclemariam Actually, this one is very interesting. Mussie was restless after receiving the pardon. Eventually, the government decided , for different reasons to evacuate the whole group that were pardoned to move to different parts of Ethiopia. So Mussie and Hailemariam Dru’ went back to college. Mussie joined back the Department of Education and was sent to Mendeferra for National service. Apparently, he was in communication with Amanuel Geresus who was doing service in Bahr Dar and I forget the names of two other guys who were later active in the Menka’ movement. My father and I requested for my brother to stay because he was not doing well. With some connections, pretty high in government service. We managed to let him stay in Asmara. So, while in Mendefera, Mussie used to come to Asmara as many times as he wanted. During Christmas vacation, he was staying with friends because his family lived in Segeneiti. I met him like today and took him home, where he picked a book I was reading. He was soaked in Marxist readings, and for a change, I suggested that he read some of the existentialist philosophers. I do not remember, which but, it had to do with the issue of the existence of God. He said it is Ok. I will bring the book back your book when I get back next week. However, he continued ti Bahr Dar where he joined his group and high-jacked the Ethiopian Airlines DC 3 from Addis Ababa going to Gonder and ended up in Libya. I am not sure how they managed to go to the Sudan from
Habte Teclemariam I think it was in the Summer of 1967. They were soon followed by the leader, Wolday Kahsay and 29 others , all of the Hamushai Kifli in Khartoum. The government flew them back to Asmara. The conditions were very difficult. The entire episode has been used by the EPLF against the ELF. The synthesis has still to be written, even though Andebrahan’s account is as official an answer as you can get from the EPLF. The whole episode could be researched methodically, but HIGDEF is not willing to open their archives for study purposes. One writes only what they dictate.
This is another subject by itself. Your earlier observation of the people who blindly follow them, it is known as “Cognitive Desonance” in social psychology.

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