The defenceless journalist Ezra
This young man was recently publicised as a criminal and shown on video in
the internet. It was ridiculous to brand him with such charges while the
real major offenders are the onese who should have been interviewed. This
young man is bright and gifted and considerate to his friends. He has
clearly stated not taking any money. It was not long ago in the midst of
the war that youths went abroad right from the front lines, and had paid in
the many thousands. Who were responsible for this? Student I.D. cards were
sold in the many that all high school cards were changed.
In struggle time, many had done daring deeds. I remember stories of fighters
capturing a weapon or vehicle and repair it or dismantle it and use it in a
unique way. A couple had even highjacked airplanes. They were heroes to
their peers and as enemy by the government.

It reminded me of Yemane Barya in Khartoum. He was so kind that he forged
many people's papers for free or very little money, and even bought airline
tickets to the needy. So Ezra the small potato is grilled the worst! For me
he is a brave young man and it's important he did not do it for gain. In
fighting crime and corruption, it should be stamped out irrelevant of who
sits in power. Submit Article
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Tuesday, June 10, 2003
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