Regional Commanders (in the field)

The Revolutionary Command seated in Kassala was in charge of five ELA divisions in the field. Key leaders of the Divisions :

1. The First Division covering Barka and Gash was led by Mohamoud Dinai, with Saleh Mohammed Idris as his deputy and Mussa Mohammed Hashim, the political commissioner.

2. The Second Division covered Senhit and Sahel provinces. The Commander was Omar Hamid Izaz, his deputy Mohamud Omar Adem and the political commissioner was Mohamud ‘Chekini (i.e. Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Saed).

3. The Third Division covered Akele-Guzai and Seraye provinces. Its Commander was Abdulkerim Ahmed, his deputy Hamid Jimie who was replaced after his martyrdom by Hamid Saleh. The political commissioner was Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim.

4. The Fourth Division covered Semhar and Denkalia. The Commander was Mohammed Ali Omaro, and his deputy Ali Ma’etug. Ramadan Mohammed Nur served as the political commissioner.

5. The Fifth Division, which was created a year later, covered mainly Hamasien province. Its first Commander was Woldai Kahsai, who was replaced by Abrahm Tewolde after the desertion of the former to the enemy. Deputy Commander was Hishal Osman. The first political commissioner of the Division was Ghilay who was replaced by Isayas Afeworki upon the latter’s return from a training course in China.

source:From the Experiences of the Eritrean Liberation Army (ELA) Part VIII and Final By Nharnet Team (Jan 13, 2005)