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Kidan Asmeron: Eritrean refugee in danger of deportation. EveryOne Group appeals for urgent action to save his life.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 December 2011 10:44 Written by EveryOne Group Wednesday, 21 December 2011 10:42

Rome/Karthoum, December 21, 2011

For the attention of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Government of Sudan, and Government of Italy.

These are the various stages of the drama of the young Eritrean, Kidan Asmeron, who was unjustly deported from Italy to Turkey on December 14th and unfortunately, within a few hours, from Istanbul to Kharthoum (Sudan). He is now being held by the Sudanese authorities in Khartoum Airport. It is absolutely vital to act in every possible way to prevent his deportation to Eritrea, which would place the refugee in a situation of tragic persecution, imprisonment with inhumane and degrading treatment, and would also endanger his life. We also urge the Italian government, which began Kidan's deportation, to activate all its diplomatic channels to request the return of Kidan Asmeron to Italy and ensure the application of the Geneva Convention on Refugees which provides international protection and / or political asylum. We await your direct intervention to ensure the rights of this young Eritrean are respected, and send you our best regards.

Here is the first report on Kidan's deportation from Rome to Istanbul and, below, the update by his family - that lives in Germany - after the refugee was deported from Istanbul to Karthoum (Sudan).

For the attention of the UNHCR, the Italian Government, the European Commissioner for Human Rights

Rome, December 19th, 2011

Mr. Kidan Asmeron, born in Asmara (Eritrea) on April 23rd, 1977 was arrested at Rome airport by the Italian authorities on December 14th, 2011. The young man, who comes from Eritrea, a country where there is a serious humanitarian crisis underway, requested international protection, pointing out that he had already suffered severe persecution in Eritrea: two years in prison for refusing compulsory enlistment, and inhuman and degrading treatment. Kidan Asmeron fled from Eritrea to the Sudan, where he lived for two years and where he made contact with his sister in Germany. The Italian police allowed him to make a phone call to his sister, at 8.30 am.The young man tried to explain that because of his refugee condition, he did not have all the necessary documents, only a passport and that it was necessary to make contact with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to clarify his humanitarian position. The authorities, however, ignored the requests of the young man, who unsuccessfully appealed to the Geneva Convention on Refugees. The authorities made no contact with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, but instead decided to deport the refugee to Turkey. But why Turkey? The authorities gave no explanation, but informed the refugee that the deportation had been decided because his documents were not valid for Italy. That same day, on December 14th, 2011, the Italian authorities forced the refugees to board a flight to Istanbul. Kidan was able to contact his sister from Istanbul at 8 p.m. He was being held in the airport police station. He communicated his arrest to his sister and told her he did not have, even in Istanbul, the right to an interpreter or any contact with the UNHCR. EveryOne Group, in contact with Kidan's sister, has launched an urgent appeal to the UNHCR and the Turkish Government asking them not to deport the refugee back to Eritrea, where he would suffer imprisonment, inhumane and degrading treatment and perhaps even death, as has happened to many other refugees unjustly returned to Eritrea. EveryOne Group also calls on the Italian Government to review its position about the young man, a position that openly violates the Geneva Convention of 1951 and that risks - through an unexplained deportation to Turkey - to put an innocent refugee, already hit by a serious persecution, in a life-threatening situation. It is important that the Italian Government urgently communicate with the Turkish Government to arrange the return of the young to Italy or otherwise transfer Kidan to a safe country.

Update from the refugee's family, who live in Germany, on December 20th, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I appreciate your cooperation in every intance.

here, I have some information for the time.

Today, in the afternoon hours, after a lot of trials to the Turkey policestations the officers told us (00902124651445)

that had been repatrieted to Sudan. Then after we have tried to ask in the Sudan to some eritrean people there,

they have confirmed us that he is in the Khartoum airports custody.

As we got the information from them:

While he has fled from the country of eritrea in illegal way and dangerous Journey to Sudan, from the strict and hard prison

in eritrea (namely weia), he was always under the observation of the the security personells of the eritrean powermen. so that he couldn't

have a normal and safe daily life there. Same to his intimidates.

Eventhough he was registered in some Organisations as a refugee. The names of the Organisations are not specifically identified.

They call them humanity Organisations. (may be a luck of education or language barier)

As far as known:

He may have one of the following fullnames as he is born from or  grown with his stepfather.

1. Kidane Tedasse Abraha (due to Geez alphabet it may also be written as Kidane Tadese Abraha) from his native Father´s name

2. Kidane Asmerom           (due to Geez alphabet it may also be written Kidan Asmerom)

We are eager and except a rush answer and help from you.

I am greatful for your motivation of helping needy people and I will do my best to play my roll in similar occasions.

Thank you. Tesfalem Simret

Contact with Kidan Asmeron's sister: 0049 22116816848

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