Blind world around the European frontiers

We have seen great tragedy these days where around 80 Eritrean asylum seekers who departed to claim asylum in Italy, perished in the sea. Only five of them survived to tell the tragedy. They floated on the deep seas for more than 20 days on 12- meter rubber boat yet no rescue. Is there any body who can believe that the eagle eyes of the sea patrol did not notice them? It can never ever happen. Many boats pass near them and ignored their crying out for help and left them to die except one boat that gave them food and water. This act only increased their sufferance on the sea, although it helped them stay alive for a while. Their rights to live here in this world with us are clearly, haltered. Their fate becomes just death. It is terrific, really. Where is the sense of civilization and globalization? UNHCR is also enable to provide urgent solution for the needy ones. they do not have any guarantee to stay in Libya. UNHCR papers do not help them to stay in Libya. They help them wait to see their fate, where they are hunted everywhere. All these cumulative issues push them to enter the sea and perish. This issue needs global solidarity as it is a little bit, beyond what UNHCR alone can accomplish. However, as for the blind eyes around the European frontiers it is really, shameful to talk about it. They let all the innocents see their fate and be dead instead of giving them protection. It is shameful.