ICER ALERT: Murders in Sinai by Abu Yasir Sunya

Thursday, 23 February 2012 17:07 ICER
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Meron Estifanos has confirmed through direct telephone conversation with a victim who just escaped from the clutch of human traffickers that some 120 Eritrean hostages are reportedly held within the radius of 300 meters.  One Eritrean victim of kidnapping, torture and extortion who as luck had it was sent to fetch water by a camp attendant at 7.40PM made his gate away as soon he was out of sight of his guards. The Criminal and the notorious human trafficker and human organ hunter of the Mahadya tribe by the name Abu Yasir Sunya  has immediately put a  50,000 USD bounty on his head. The young Eritrean of 22 years old was kidnapped from Kessela only a day after his arrival at this fateful border town lured by an Eritrean whose identity is yet to be identified.  ICER learned that the reason that huge sum of money is put on his life is because he is a privy to 4 murders in the camp  and therefore a  potential  witness to the atrocities.  In the early afternoon of Monday, the 20th of February, Fr. Mussie of Agenzia Habeshia an affiliate of ICER also got a call from the Eritrean escapee and established the fact that Abu Yasir Sunya is anxious of the crimes he committed a week earlier where he killed four Eritrean hostages who already paid twenty five thousand dollars but unable to come up with the remaining ten thousands demanded by the criminal.  According to telephone interview he saw a child thrown out of a car and left to die on their way to the Sinai. At present the victim is sheltered by two Samaritan Bedouin brothers Sheikh Mohamed and Ali Husain who they said are prepared to lay their life than hand over the victim.