The Ona and Besikdira massacres

Despite the Ethiopia army killed many civilians from Arafali, Atshoma, Ona etc. and burned their villages between 1967 and the early 1970s, Issays held secret talks with the CIA .
Similarly in May, 1988 when the Ethiopian forces crushed to death 400 people, mostly women and children when their tanks rolled into the village of She'eb. Despite this atrocity was committed by the Mengistu government, from late 1986 until about 1989 the ELF leader Abdella Idris was involved in negotiating with the Mengistu government (De, Waal 1991:252)

The massacre at Besikdira (12 km east of Keren town) occurred the day before Onna (December 1, near Keren) on November 30 1970. The village was completely burned and ca 1000 individuals were killed. The massacre of 120 innocent victims of Besikdira, 714 innocent people massacred in Ona and the burning of the villages in the Sequina area by the Ethiopians as it appeared on one of the publications of Franciscan publications. Read more
Another was the destruction of the village of Ona on December 1, in which an estimated 625 people were killed.








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