Massacre at Adiabieto! Where is the outrage?

Most of us are no longer surprised or shocked by the actions of this government. It has been at least three years since we were forced to face reality and come to terms with the situation inside Eritrea. It started with the arrest, torture and murder of the UOA students at WIA. we were told that it was some kind of summer camp for wayward students. Then critics of the regime, officials of the regime who took themselves seriously enough to sign an open letter to the Dictator were made to disappear without trace,over three years now, eliminated the entire private media by eliminating every single journalist that doesn't work for the government, all of them made to disappear or be exiled, shelved the constitution that was ratified by the parliament, disappeared prominent parliamentarians, arrested countless citizens in secret dungeons,tortured countless youngsters, indefinitely extended the so called national service in effect making them unpaid laborers. The regime disappeared, tortured and killed refugees repatriated by governments of Libya and Malta.It has harassed the youth so much that over 10,000 have fled to Ethiopia, a country they fought only a few years back .Countless others have fled the country out of desperation and hopelessness. Young female "national service" recruits abused and raped by the cadres of this brutal regime while their brothers are incessantly abused and tortured. So is it any wonder that this regime massacred untold number of our unfortunate brothers and sisters? The only thing this regime cares about is not drying up the cash cow in the diaspora. Otherwise it doesn't care what the Eritrean people think.The slightest dissent will be answered with a Mengistu style response. What is disheartening to me is not the incoherent ramblings of a terrified "Information Minister" who seems more like the comical ex information minister of Saddam Hussein; Mohammed Alsahaf!: but our muted response to this outrage. How about demonstrations, condemnation, petition writings etc. Are we numbed to such an extent that we are paralyzed from acting? With few exceptions the rabid goons of PFDJ are uncharacteristically silent hoping that the story will die down. We can't allow our voice to be silenced like our brethren that live under the PFDJ. Lets raise the volume many notches higher. What happened at Adia bieto is only the most recent outrage, it is by no means the only or the last outrage of this regime . This regime is our shame, we had a part in creating this monster and we can't just standby and watch this kind of atrocity to be perpetrated against Eritreans.

Zelalemawi zekri nkulom Semaatat!

Haddish Hailemikael

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