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The Alliance Is A Concentration of Religious Fundamentalists, Regionalists, and Warlords!

By Hamde Debas


In 1999 twelve organizations came together to form a united opposition, The Alliance, to fight the sitting dictatorship effectively.  Their formation was undemocratic and lacked clarity.  Most of the organizations were composed of elements at some points one individual makes an organization.  With this unbalanced composition an opposition organization was formed.  One can ask what was the main drive that brought this unbalanced organization without democratic foundation together?  Naïveness and good intention probably played a major role although they shouldn’t be used as barometers.  To delve straight to the answer, it was a trust that brought all of them together.  Otherwise, how could a big organization like the ELF-RC allowed elements or one-person organizations to have an equal saying on national matters? 

The Alliance had drifted from the original principles that brought it to life.  Ever since the thirteen organizations conspired against ELF-RC at the 5th ENA meeting in Addis, they are strongly pushing for the non-national programs.  The three main principles decided at the meeting were; 1- Religious equality and SharEia law for Moslems, 2- Rights of nationalities to be decided by referendum, and 3- Decentralized government.  Does a constitution have a place in the charter?  What does all this mean?

As we all know the Jihad is a member of the Alliance.  They and their sympathizers have been painting the PFDJ government as Christian and Kebesa government only and its targets are only the Moslem community.  Awate.com had analyzed this fact in their latest article “The Executed “ and let the world know that PFDJ does not belong to a religion or region.  They are cruel dictators whose primary and only goal is to grip power by iron fist.  Taking this opportunity, they deserve a credit for their dedication on unfolding social diseases and ask them to continue harboring on this topic.  Because talking more about such social issues will build trust between the two different communities plus it will doom the chances for the instigators from cashing in.  So why are the Jihads playing the victims card?  It is obviously they wanted to achieve their goal by deceiving their audience.  And their goal is to establish an Islamic government in Eritrea.  They know it definitely that Eritrea belongs to all Christians, Moslems, and animists.  Their shallow behavior and radical ties is driving them to come to such conclusion.  How about the other groups?

The Saghem and other groups push for the nationalities question up to secession through referendum.  The Saghem has been nurtured by the TPLF politics since their embryonic stage.  They adapted many of TPLF’s political programs and the nationality question was a corner stone.  Their main teaching is that behere tigryna is an oppressor.  Mind you when did behere tigryna get a chance to be an oppressor?  Is it during the colonial time or during PFDJ’s time?  We all know that Ethiopian colonialism had affected maliciously everyone equally.  On a reverse psychology, could we say or justify then that selfi natzanet had a legitimate case to split and mobilize the Kebesa exploiting their emotions since the ELF was started by mostly lowlanders and Moslems and they (according to PFDJ) oppressed the Kebesa or Christians?  Not a chance!  They are all in the same classification and the subjective owners in all occasions tried and are still trying to cash in using the victim’s card.  Would the decentralized government work then?

Lacking national political program and lack of incompetence these organizations are seeking refuge in their tribal or religious camps.  This concept is not different from the warlords.  It is driven by complexity, incompetence, and power.  A national constitution that is designed by all Eritreans is the only solution for all issues.  Religious rights, individual rights, nationality rights, and tribal rights are legitimate questions and a genuine national constitution is the only answer.  ENA members have opted the warlord and religious concepts and are gravely trying to lead the Eritrean people into the worst scenario.  One could envision that tribal, regional, and religious frictions could start easily and could develop into full-scale of antagonism.  Where does ELF-RC fit in here?

Ever since ELF-RC leadership walkout of the Addis ENA meeting, they made it clear that the only option it was forced to take is to work with ENA organization as an Eritrean opposition independently.  The ENA as a group collectively and willingly breached the trust they built with ELF-RC by conspiring against it.  Once the trust is damaged or broken, there is no chain of bonding that keeps the parties together.  Furthermore, ELF-RC’s national political program will be in compromise with ENA’s religious, regional, and warlord type political programs.  Thirdly, these power driven organizations are good candidates to be manipulated and nurtured by external forces against Eritrean sovereignty, as it was the case in the 5th ENA meeting.  

In conclusion the ENA had failed to attract the Eritrean people.  Their religious, regional, and warlord political program is distancing everyone.  The negative spot mark of the leadership is in the mind of the Eritrean people.  Abdell Idris masterminded a military coup d’etat that caused the end of ELF and killed Melake Tekle.  Hirui had been everywhere his foot can land; he designed the movement of 1977 that resulted in split of ELF, he abandoned his EDM movement and joined EPLF at the eve of freedom and became a member of the parliament, and he is with ENA now.  What does that tell us about their character?  They are untrustworthy and their democratic belief is remote and unreal.  Many people are seeking refuge in the old saying, “We rather have the devil we know than that angel that we don’t know.”  This is the last thing one want to hear from his/her devastated people.  The ENA is banking on a hush- hush type of tactics to hide their true color.  An identity that hides Jihads and their alike from the world’s microscopic hunting.  It has been a safe heaven for religious fundamentalists and radicals.  Confidence and trust can only be restored when church/mosque and state are separated.  Yes, when national programs are given priority.  No to religious fundamentalists, regionalists, and warlords! 

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