Weldekel Haile

Weldekel Haile was educated in Syria and was the first Jebha to flee, According the account of Tesfamariam
Assefaw Woldenkel, Haile did not like Issayas [ Kidana Aida 2004 ]. During the Menka movement in 1973
Woldenkel Haile who was head of the security department said that the Menka ringleaders prisoners did not
commit any crime except breaking military discipline rules. He made clear his stand which was completely
different from Issayas . Because of this Issayas was not happy and Woldenkel Haile was sent to the Hailitat (front
line sometime in 1974 [Afewerki, Tewdros, 2003).. He was the most distinguished military leader next to Ibrhim
Afa and had led the Eritrea People’s Liberation Army to victory at the strategic town of Segeneti in 1977 but was
not a member of the central comittee in 1977. He was killed shortly after the victory by an unidentified gunman at
Segeneti, his birth place. When this occurred there was a radio message in this code " Itia Abai Lham Ab Mereta
Wediqa", meaning that the great leader rest on his land"




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