The rights of women in Eritrea

Source: Stockholm’s Seminar Report held at the Swedish parliament

By organisers

Mrs. Hayat Ibrahim, political scientist from Uppsala University, provided an overview of the situation of the women in Eritrea after independence. The key issues she raised were,

- trafficking

- women in the military camp of Sawa

- prostitution

- rape

- integration of the fighter women to the civil society

She elaborated her presentation how the women after independence were exposed and could not get the opportunity to develop themselves and build a democratic family life in Eritrea. The regime in Eritrea had no plans and programmes for the development of women except using them for its egoistic interests, said , Hayat.

The trafficking of women after independence was run by the government agents to fill the coffer of the president and his henchmen.

The issue of Sawa Military Camp and how the young girls are treated by the military officers is brutal and animalistic action. Young girls are raped and kept as maid servants; if they refuse to obey the order of the officer , either they are shot or put incommunicado for unlimited years. Suicides and mental disturbance are enormous in the camp. They suffer of unknown psychological diseases called, “ hi-cup” pointed, Hayat.

She also has discussed how the young girls escape the land from the persecution and harassing of the system in Eritrea and suffer in the deserts of Sudan, Libya to their way to Europe.

Finally , she concluded that the government in Eritrea is not in favour of democratisation, in general,; and equality between men and women , in particular. We need attitude change in Eritrea.

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