Youth Development                        Grade:  FFFF

Eritrean youth is fleeing the country at an alarming rate.  Over 30,000 youths have fled the country due to endless national service and Warsai Yikealo projects.  They have become our tragic stories; being sacrificed in the Sahara Desert, preyed upon by Bedouins, other African dictators and the Mediterranean Sea.

Today’s youth doesn’t have the skills and is ill-equipped to survive in today’s and tomorrow’s world.  They are languishing in PFDJ slavery campaigns unable to pursue the most human needs of establishing family life.  They no see future for themselves and for their country.

PREGNANCY among teenagers and out of wedlock has sharply increased in order to escape from endless slavery campaign, or as there is no possibility of settling with Warsai Yikealo.  Women must bear their children before too late.  Children are being raised without their fathers, in the homes of their grandparents as their fathers are languishing in slavery campaigns.  

The lack of steady family life means that youths are engaging in promiscuous activities.  In turn, this has resulted in breakdown of stable family life, thus destroying the very foundation of any nation.


Eritrea’s 20th Anniversary Comprehensive Report Card

Monday, 16 May 2011 01:27 Berhan Hagos