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By Mohamed Abdu - Sep 23, 2002   
Riyadh and other cities in Saudi Arabia and to send a massage through them to Eritreans in the Diaspora. 

According to an eyewitness report published on,, Alamin Mohammed Said held a meeting in the Eritrean embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Friday September 6th, 2002. Instead of answering a question about the future of the high school graduates for advance education, he deviated and turned to totally different subject to attack the Arabic language. Like a wild bull, he launched an aggressive assault on Eritreans educated in Arabic language universities disqualifying their credentials and dashing their hopes for employment in Eritrea. He said," What we will do with a citizen who knows nothing but Arabic. We neither have room for Arabic language nor for those who educated in it.  The Arabic language graduate will never get hired in any occupation in the government except the marginal ones or works as prayer caller in mosques, something we are not in need in Eritrea." 

Mr. Alamin Said surprised the attendees when he attacked left and right using vulgar expressions, threatening them and promising tougher measures against what he called "the impolite".  He went mad when asked about the fate of the political prisoners and how long they will be kept in jail without a trial. Alamin responded, "we will jail, I say this to you frankly, anybody who is impolite, we will jail him and there is no forgiveness, we will not make it public and we wont permit human rights organizations to see them. We will tie up anyone deals with foreign powers. Those we drawn in .. there is nothing called political prisoners, those have committed crimeswe don't have any political prisoners, all of them are criminals". 

Moreover, Mr. Said openly praised his own ruling regime in Eritrea which he described as more democratic than the western models, "the regime that exist in Eritrea is the best regime, not because Im part of it, and this is a fact, this regime is better than the regime in America and Britain and there is nothing called democracy in this world, but in Eritrea democracy exists".  

Additionally, he explained that the country is in transitional phase without making clear what he meant by that or giving a time frame of that phase. He also touched on the Ethio-Eritrean conflict saying, "we finished the matter with Ethiopia and the border conflict is a natural thing between neighboring countries, for example this country, Saudia, has border problems with Yemen, although an agreement was signed, but the border is not demarcated yet and Saudia Arabia never delineate its border with Eritrea." 

Alamin talked about what he called the pilot programs. A new slavery tactics designed to prolong the grip of the PFDJ oppressive regime. He explained how his new ill intentioned programs work, "we were very naove, everyone comes to Eritrea and demands facilitations, and we were cooperating with him. But now this will not work, the pilot programs means that we won't facilitate matters for anyone, instead, services will be given to those who contributed with us financially since the revolution days. Those who don't contribute or attend meetings and have villas in Asmara and Massawa and want to get richer while other people are poor, those types of people, will not be allowed and those who don't admire [like] what we're saying go to hell." 

From the eyewitness report, one can infer that the hostile language used by Mr. Said in the meeting had left a sense of resentment and despair.  According to the report, the attendees of the meeting come out with almost unified impression that the regime is in agony of death and what they heard from Alamin is not more than sickness hallucination for losing support among the masses inside the country and now in the Diaspora.


Misusing terms 


Although the meeting in Riyadh city aimed at intimidating the community members through dwelling in what Alamin calls "impolite people", yet he failed to define what he means by "impolite". Frankly speaking, it is a real problem for the Eritrean people to understand the (do)s and (don't)s from the PFDJ perspective to avoid the (don't)s and stay in safe with the (do)s if there are any. It is also a source of concern when one sees and hears a government official spending a whole meeting talking about impolite, uttering trash words, offending our people and accusing them of ethical violations. Unless the meaning of word impolite was changed in the PFDJ dictionary, the universal use of that word indicates wrong doing or committing unethical act which undoubtedly done by Alamin when he misused and violated over and over again all common sense, traditional and ethical standards by being impolite himself. However, It doesnt need school credit hours for any Eritrean, except for Alamin and his collogues, to understand what polite or impolite would mean. Nevertheless, exercising our Gods giving rights in our own country to safeguard our legitimate interests must not be questioned or described as impolite by Alamin or his like. 


Language and employment   

The irresponsible policies and childish practices of the self appointed regime in Eritrea has revealed its immaturity in dealing with the concerns of the Eritrean people. Instead of focusing on the demands for reconciliation, national unity, justice and political reforms, the regime resorted to the language of violence and launched a massive campaign of terror and destruction of traditions, social norms and culture.  

The repeated attack on Arabic language illustrates the gravity of chronic syndrome the regime suffers. We already know that the Arabic language is alienated along with its users and the Yemanie Ghebreab website is a real testimony to the fact that the Eritrean national resources can be used not only to abuse our people morally and physically but also to impose a single culture by favoring the Tigrinia language over Arabic and all other Eritrean languages.  Getting employed in Eritrea is far more complex matter than what Alamin tried tell his audience. Nevertheless, It is a proven fact that knowing Tigrinia didnt help Alamin, before anybody else, getting a decent job. Although he spent the period from 1965-2002 learning Tigrinia, Alamin couldnt make it up in the occupational ladder. Unlike Mr. Alamin Said, other individuals who joined the EPLF at very late time and whose mother language is not Tigrinia but Amharic, were able to attain higher ranks in the government and the party. That fact leads us to deduce that disregarding Arabic language and learning or speaking Tigrinia is not the key in getting employed in Eritrea under the G1.

The Tigrinia language is just one of the nine Eritrean languages that we are proud of having them all.  Like other languages, it shall not get any preference or favoritism over other Eritrean languages. However, as far as the language issue is concern, more than enough has been said in meetings and written in books, newspapers and Internet articles. Nevertheless, the respectful veteran Idris Abuarre wrote the most articulated piece on the Arabic language fuss of Alamin and Issayas.  As we all know, Mr. Abuarre has paid his life as a price for his principles by siding with his people and today he is abandoned with the prisoners of conscience in Issayas jails.  My genuine salutes and respects go to Mr. Abuarre. Interested readers may refer to his article at: 

At the time when the Eritrean people see their own country suffering under Issayas oppressive regime, where lives are squandered, economy destroyed, properties confiscated, kidnapping, disappearances, imprisonment and arbitrary detention are the norm of the day, the hypocrite cadre of Issayas, Alamin, comes to lecture the people on how democratic and nationalistic his regime is. Given the history of Alamin, It is not surprising that he, as the darling agent of President Afwerki, emerges every time to play a destructive role prescribed by his boss. And as an abnormal phenomenon, Alamin Mohammed Said is a frontage loyal figure that takes pride in carrying out any ugly, illegal and unethical assignments to gratify Mr. Afwerki. Like Mr. Issayas Afwerki, Alamin Said retained generally a poor record in the combat activities during his life long existence in the field. He confined himself to one role only, conspiring against his comrades to favor Issayas and his evil agenda. The conspirator's role of Alamin is widely believed to have impacted the internal problems within the EPLF. He also believed to have contributed negatively in the Menkaa massacre through his ambiguous role as a member in the committee to resolve their problem. (Refer to his book about the internal disputes in Eritrean Revolution). Mr. Said is the only veteran who turned over to be a servant of one man and discarded all values and principles he claimed to believe in during the struggle times. Today, Alamin's destructive role within the party/government, the country and the region is common knowledge.  

Dealing with the audience  "constituents!!", Alamin Said Vs Yamanie Gebreab 

Since the independence of Eritrea, the EPLF submerged into a mud of sectarianism, regionalism and dictatorship.  Failing to deliver on number of national issues like justice, democracy, equal employment, rule of law, political reconciliation ect.., President Issayas degraded himself to an arrogant dictator surrounded by some opportunistic individuals united by common dislike of their follow veterans and citizens. Mr. Issayas' chauvinist cult members developed a subjective group attitude that led them to perceive others as their enemies. They laid out their ideal strategy of divide and role on exploiting linguistic, religious and tribal differences in Eritrea. President Issayas' long adopted philosophy that ends justify means relied on the engagement of his key cult members like Mr. Yemanie Geberab, Alamin Mohammed Said, Hagos Kisha and others.   

As we all know, Issayas dispatches his cadres to every direction whenever he plans a new ploy. He keeps the same individuals for the mission because they are trusted, reliable, and loyal to him. He assigned each of his trusted messengers a territory of leverage. The assignment this year was Yemanie to North America, Hagos to Germany and Alamin to Saudi Arabia. Beside these names, however, Zamehret Yohannes and Abdalla Jaber were used for Europe and Australia in past occasions.  

The team observed that Mr. Alamin Said has no constituency (check Issayas and his musical chair in I think this is an accurate characterization. But Mr. Said doesn't need to have constituency because he is in fact shares the same constituency of Mr. Yemanie Gebreab.  Each of them completes the other's job.  Absent the Alamin destructive role, there wouldn't be any success to be mention for Yamanie, Hagos or the other cadres of Issayas. Yet, by comparing the popularity and the performance of these men in fulfilling their missions for the benefit of Issayas, we may learn more facts that support my argument considering the fact that the comparison is not about opposing personalities. In contrast, all of them are brainwashed and trained to achieve the same goal and serve the same interest but each has a different approach and role to play.  While Alamin attacks, intimidate and chases away some people, Yemanie dodges and cheats neatly but offers results and incentives to other people, and Mr. Hagos Kisha quickly ends his meetings after speaking few words without giving figures about the financial situation of the PFDJ because he is a businessman who enjoys absolute immunity of any type of questioning or accountability. Nevertheless, Mr. Afwerki's project for Eritrea is based on the logic that to reconfigure the Eritrean society and build a different one you must destroy the current one at any cost. Hence, if Alamin is not playing his destructive role in accordance with Issayas's logic, both Yemanie and Hagos will not be able to register any achievement for Mr. Issayas's project.  

However, we may learn about what Alamin offers to his audience "constituency", by comparing it to that of Yemanie. Also, we can easily notice some basic differences in terms of what each of them achieves for his audience through their individual performance. Again, while the soft spoken Yamanie Geberab enjoys popularity among some misled and/or opportunistic Eritreans in North America, the vulgar envoy Alamin Said is looked at as Mr. Issayass messenger of evil omen to the Eritrean communities in Saudi Arabia. The reason for that fact lays not only in character differences of both men, but in the hypocrite nature of Alamin's personality and the destructive role he played and continue to play as a deceiving tool in the marginalizing policy of Issayas Afwerki.  

Although Mr. Gerbreab dedicated his time and efforts to serve the interests of at least some members of his constituents in the Eritrean Community in North America through engaging them in financial linkage with the regime in bonds, Samble project and others, Mr. Said offered nothing of that nature, instead, he strived to chase away his "constituents!!"  in the Eritrean Community in Saudi Arabia through a planed tactic aims at creating obstacles and hardship to them and their Arabic language educated children. We can generally admit that Mr. Geberab has built his relations with his constituency in North America on practical terms. When he collects money from the community, he politely thanks them for that. This is exactly what he did when he brought with him president Afwerki all the way from Eritrea to America to express his gratitude and appreciations to the community in North America during the last Ethiopian offensive. Contrary to this respectful treatment of Yemanie to his constituents, Mr. Said collect the money from the communities in Saudi Arabia but when he comes back the next time, he offends them, threats them and brings all the bad news that scares them. 

After the final Ethiopian offensive was foiled last year until September 18th  the same year, a relative atmospheres of openness coupled with winds of freedom of speak prevailed the country thanks to the reformers (G15) daring stand. At that time, while the Arabic language intellectuals in Eritrea were busy debating hot issues of educational policy, political parties, employment policy and other issues at the invitation of Mahyadin Shangab of the Eritrean Union of Youth and Ahmad Omer Shiek the radio broadcaster for discussions and exchange of ideas, Mr. Yemanie Geberab decided that researches on important issues should be done in English language not in Arabic. He seized the opportunity and called for a very high profile conference the country ever seen during the second half of July 2001. He invited an organization named the Eritrean Research Association, which was headed at that time by Dr. Yemanie Mesgina, to hold its first conference in Eritrea. Suddenly, this heavenly Association got the attention of the president himself who addressed the conference and applauded the members and their efforts. The local media reporters interviewed them and covered their deliberations. According to an interview of Dr. Mesgina with the local new papers, his Association aims at conducting researches on history, economy, education, tourism, banking ect then it will distribute its researches to the related government ministries directly so they can benefit of them. Attended by many foreign participants, the cost to hold that conference was taken care of by foreign organizations and embassies.  

The Eritrean Research Association Conference is an obvious indicator that Mr. Geberab is the uncontested powerful man in the PFDJ. He is probably the man no. 2 after DIA in the ruling regime in Eritrea.  He played the GAME smartly by giving the "lollipop" to the Arabic language intellectuals to keep them distracted while he was serving the interests of his constituents.  Mr Afweki and Yemanie used Shangab and Ahmad Omer Shiek to entertain the Arabic language intellectuals in chatting gatherings in one of the Eritrean Youth Clubs and kept them engaged so that no attention is paid to the bigger event, the conference, which was commissioned to draw the policies and strategies of the whole government. That is the real achievement for the real constituents to talk about not Alamin's kids meetings.  

We are sick and tired to see all the hard won achievements of our people highjacked by the opportunistic elements devoted their whole time conspiring against our people. Speaking up and exposing these trends is the duty of every genuine advocate of justice, democracy and rule of law. We really need to express our unequivocal objection to the gross human violations committed by the sectarian regime in Eritrea. Mr. Alamin and others who rush to take pride in attacking the will of Eritrean people should know that we would not accept their ill intensions to put our people in a renewed vicious cycle. 

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