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By Hana kifle - Sep 19, 2002   

TO: The international organizations who defend human rights; to the organizations who are defenders of democracy, justice and peace; to the religious organizations who promote liberty, and to all Eritreans and friends of the people of Eritrea; 

The dictatorial government imposed on Eritrea and its repressive security agents (nai ezni) are committing all kinds of injustices and abuses against the people of Eritrea, specially, against the political prisoners of conscience. The miserable and cowardly regime through the use of force, is committing all types of human rights violations, while fabricating false accusations built upon a foundation of lies and infamies.   

Physically defenseless elderly citizens who tried to stretch their helping hands; in ill-health prominent veterans whose only crime is disagreeing with the Issaias regime; Journalists who did nothing but exercise their rights of free speech; and many more Eritreans that they have nothing to be guilty of are in undisclosed prisons and continue to suffer in their own country. Wanton detention of innocent people is still continuing and the Issaias regime is taking them to inhumane prisons where they are physically as well as psychologically tortured, as are their family members. They are kept in these prisons for an arbitrary and undetermined amount of time, without an expeditious trial, unjustly. 

The dictatorial government is denying international organizations access to these prisons with the pretext of not allowing others meddling in the internal affairs of the country and not compromising sovereignty. Families arrive weary bringing food to supply the needs of the prisoners only to be turned away because authorities fail to tell them where their sons and daughters are incarcerated.  The regime don't want the world to know these matters, so well-known to the innocent political prisoners an many Eritreans.  

Also, Issaias government is separating Eritrean families who, in desperation, flee Eritrea for political reasons, and because of failed political, and economic policies, dispersing Eritreans throughout the world.  The so called PFDJ government justifies everything using  ?unity? as an excuse.  But the Eritrean people want to leave their country overwhelmed by the infamy and tyranny, making use of whatever means available.  Before independence, the history, culture and dignity of Eritrea prevailed with our pain and blood, still, this tyrant regime is causing more pain by dispersing Eritreans and suppressing freethinking even though it denies them with its designed propaganda apparatus. 

Bearing this in mind, I would like to join many Eritreans who are asking Human Rights Commission and other organizations to discuss Eritrea, to seriously consider the ill-treatment of the Eritrean prisoners by their own government.  I know that no one, not even those who defend Issaias, will be permitted to visit the political prisoners because this regime has a lot of facts to hide.  I believe that if justice exists in the world, this government should be sanctioned for this and so many other violations they are constantly inflicting upon the Eritrean population as they deceive the whole world.

Their struggle is our struggle, a struggle for their dignity, our dignity, and the dignity of the State of Eritrea! 

The memory of our martyrs will always make Eritrea's desire for peace and freedom strong and powerful! 



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