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Thia website has been set up by former members of the Eritrea Support Campaign UK who in the 1980s were active in support of the Eritrean liberation struggle. Through this work they came to know Ermias Debessai well.

Petition by former supporters of EPLF
We the undersigned have all supported the Eritrean people's right to independence and were activist in the UK solidarity campaign in the 1980s. We rejoiced when, in 1991, after years of struggle and countless sacrifices, the EPLF formed the government in Asmara, with the promise of providing greater freedom and democracy. We are, therefore, greatly disturbed by the recent political developments. The arrest of dissidents, secret trials, the banning of newspapers, the indefinite postponement of elections, the brutal treatment of student protesters are all serious violations of basic democratic rights. The Eritrea government's reasons for taking these repressive measures are all too familiar. They are symptomatic of a political elite insulating itself from public criticism and accountability.

We continue to believe in the Eritrean people's right to independence and democracy and will support initiatives that aim to realise these objectives.

Roger Briottet - UN consultant
Aneez Ismail - Manchester University
Martin Jordin - Sheffield Hallam University
Paul Kelemen - Manchester University
David Mather - Glasgow Caledonian University
Yassmine Mather - Glasgow University
Tariq Mehmmood - writer
Hilary Nelson - lawyer
Chris Roberts - Manchester University
Anandi Ramamurthy - University of Central Lancashire
Donatella Soldi - doctor
Amrit Wilson - writer

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