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PFDJ Crimes against youth and education

Generation Denied Higher Education
The University of Asmara set up a strategic plan to expand the capacity of the university shortly after independence. This had encouraged many educated diaspora Eritreans and expatriates to participate actively in helping to achieve its goals. However, the Eritrean government, especially the Former General Secretary of the EPLF and current president, Isais Aferwki, who has always harboured suspicions of University graduates, became apprehensive of the University of Asmara and its staff, and shortly afterwards the University came under surveillance.

This was exacerbated when the students protested against the summer work programme. Following this, the government introduced Warsaw Yikalo development campaign deliberately to destroy the educational spirit of the younger generation, to force many young school leavers to work on road construction, dam and house building, and to carry out other military duties. As a result of this treatment, many of the younger generation fled to the neighbouring country.

ERHEA has compiled all relevant documents and articles which were posted on Eritrean websites during last 6 years in order to provide evidence of the government attitude toward education, and to expose its destructive policies towards the younger generation


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