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Mysterious death of Ibrahim Afa
Mysterious death of Abraham Tewelde

Liquidation in the ELF
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Human Rights Violations committed by the ELF and EPLF Leaders between 1961 and 1991

Jebha and shaebia are the two sides of the same coin.


1961-1980 the ELF leaders'crimes

1970-1991 the EPLF leaders'crimes


The ELF & EPLF leaders'crimes

Crimes against the Eritrean People (1958-2008)

The ELF and EPLF's victim civilians

Crimes committed against innocent fighters and civilians by former veteran (ELF and EPLF ) liberation front leaders during the liberation struggle between 1961-1991 are included on this webpage. EHREA urge veteran leaders of the ELF and the EPLF to acknowledge the crimes they have committed against the Eritrean people.

1944-2010 From Archive:Let history judge them

Ibrahim Mohammed Ali made a personal call on every Eritrean political figure “ to admit past mistakes and excesses in a straightforward manner and openly condemn those crimes and excesses committed [by him or] in his name against or against individuals the Nation
ኢ ብራሂም ከም ጲላጦስ ኢዱ ሕጹብ እዩ ነይሩ ተባሂሉ ተመስኪሩሉ ኢዩ

Eritrean Political leaders for decades in leadership


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